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20 min.
New Updated z-enemy 1.17 Nvidia GPU Miner With Better Hashrate
There is another zealot/enemy-1.17 (z-enemy) miner update from Dk and Enemy that adds even more performance improvements to the supported algorithms available. The new z-enemy 1.17 has a major hashrate boost of 5-10% for X16R & X16S, XDNA (HEX), x17, Bitcore (BTX), c11, Sonoa, Renesis and Aergo. Lower-end Nvidia video cards like the GTX 1050 and GTX 1060 should also see a few additional percents of improvement in performance as well. Also note that the latest miner no longer depends on memory, so it allows to run memory clock at +0 or -50
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20 min.
Scammers Demand Bitcoin from Blackmailed Husbands
The FBI issued a warning about scammers trying to blackmail supposedly cheating husbands for Bitcoin. One of the hallmarks of cryptocurrency is being able to make payments across borders to anybody in the world quickly. Of course, that ease of use can also be harnessed for nefarious purposes, such as hacking, scamming, and extortion attempts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) issued a warning about a new extortion scam that targets supposedly cheating husbands. Caught Red-Handed?
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27 min.
Ripple Confirms xRapid Liftoff
xRapid, Ripple’s XRP-powered platform, is almost ready to be launched to the public. xRapid Ready for Liftoff Cory Johnson, Ripple’s Chief Marketing Strategist, commented on Ripple’s latest announcement stating that the company’s xRapid pilots have gone as planned. Johnson said: “We’ve seen several successful xRapid pilots already, and as we move the product from beta to production later this year, these exchange partners will allow us to provide financial institutions with the comfort and assurance that their payments will move seamlessly
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30 min.
Bitcoin Futures Overtake Coinbase Trading Volumes
CME’s fiat settled bitcoin futures have overtaken Coinbase Pro spot bitcoin trading volumes for the first time recently. CME saw 2,480 contracts opened on August 20th, with each contract worth... The post Bitcoin Futures Overtake Coinbase Trading Volumes appeared first on Trustnodes.
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32 min.
Why Experts Recommend Investing In Bitcoin
Over the past few years, more and more consumers have opted to invest in Bitcoin and other digital currencies. Some analysts believe that Bitcoin is nothing more than a sham. They suggest that it should be avoided by serious investors. Others believe that Bitcoin could pave the way for a valuable and profitable future. The truth of the matter is that Bitcoin offers a wealth of benefits.
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34 min.
Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Remains at $6,400, Good Sign Things Aren’t Slumping
At press time, bitcoin remains in the lower $6,400 region, and is virtually unchanged from yesterday. The father of crypto – like every digital asset in today’s market – has exhibited heavy signs of volatility over the past week, typically hopping around between $6,000 and $6,500. Thus, it’s nice to know the coin is looking to sit still for the time being. But no activity now doesn’t mean there won’t be activity later. Bitcoin’s volatility remains a huge problem in the crypto industry and has many investors on the run.
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50 min.
Chinese Police Arrest Three in $87 Million Crypto Theft
Police in China has arrested three high profile hackers for stealing nearly 600 million yuan ($87.3 million) in cryptocurrency. Reports of the arrests first appeared in Xinhua, a local news outlet, on August 18. Police in Xi’an has said that the case so far represents the largest ever cryptocurrency theft in the country. The case […]
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1 hour
National Assembly Discusses ICO Ban and ‘Blockchain Island’
Lawmakers in South Korea began discussing cryptocurrency once more Monday, August 20, in a meeting focusing on ending the country’s ICO ban, as well as other topics, Business Korea reports. Coming amid considerable attention on both cryptocurrency and blockchain propagation from Seoul, the National Assembly meeting saw participation from government ministries including the Ministry of Science and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). In addition to debating reallowing initial coin offerings (ICOs) to operate in the country, the
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AirBnB Co-Founder Backs $22.7M Investment in ‘Full Service’ Institutional Crypto Platf...
Another platform aiming to facilitate institutional investments into the cryptocurrency market is underway, as SFOX successfully closes $22.7 million Series A funding round. Luring In Big Money SFOX – a cryptocurrency prime dealer for institutional investors and high-volume traders announced in a press release that it has managed to close $22.7 million Series A funding round for the launch of an institutional cryptocurrency management platform. According to the release, the round was led by Social Capital and Trading Capital and it saw parti
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England’s Biggest Football Clubs Ink eToro Sponsorship Deals in Bitcoin
Global online investment platform eToro, which notably offers cryptocurrency trading, has inked partnerships with seven major Premier League football clubs – all paid for in bitcoin. Major clubs playing in the world’s most-televised football league – watched by billions – could soon be using bitcoin to buy players from the global transfer market after opening The post England’s Biggest Football Clubs Ink eToro Sponsorship Deals in Bitcoin appeared first on CCN
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Cryptocurrency trading service Coinberry has partnered with BRD, a secure bitcoin wallet service, in a deal that promises to bring BRD’s Canadian users onto Coinberry’s no-fee trading platform. The deal was announced on Monday, August 20, 2018, at the Blockchain Futurist Conference in Toronto, Ontario. Toronto-based Coinberry is the first federally registered, commission-free trading platform for crypto assets in Canada, creating value for users using proprietary algorithms to source desirable crypto asset prices from trusted exchanges. BR
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Should We Regulate Cryptocurrency Mining?
Regulating cryptocurrencies has been a hot topic for years now. While some believe regulation would be hypocritical to an ethos whereby users govern their own network and money, is there anything to be said for regulating aspects of cryptocurrency…say a cryptocurrency mining regulation for example? Cryptocurrency Mining Regulation – Here’s Why It’s Important No matter how you look at it, cryptocurrency mining has become a mega business. No longer the lay-mans game, if you want to compete in mining for Bitcoin, you need serious rigs that ru
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What Makes Bitcoin Bitcoin? Bitcoin Cash, According to Roger Ver
Roger Ver has tweeted a reminder that bitcoin cash is the real bitcoin, provoking inevitable Crypto Twitter scorn. His tweet referenced an April YouTube video on what makes bitcoin bitcoin. In it, he argues that bitcoin cash has more of the qualities of bitcoin — as originally conceived by Satoshi Nakamoto — than bitcoin. Also read: Rising Crypto-Politico: Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Bought Crypto in 2017 Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for great videos featuring industry insiders & experts The Chain Originating From the Genesis Block Make
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Blockchain Protocol Engineer
Job title: Blockchain Protocol EngineerCompany: FRG Technology ConsultingJob description: experience developing on Ethereum, Corda, Quorum or Bitcoin protocols Responsibilities: Contribute to a production ready…Expected salary: $130000 – 165000 per yearLocation: Boston, MAJob date: Wed, 08 Aug 2018 07:21:33 GMTApply for the job now! The post Blockchain Protocol Engineer appeared first on Bitcoins Channel.
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XRP has been one of the most talked-about coins in the crypto world. Apart from Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and possibly TRON (TRX), XRP news has been receiving the most attention. This goes for various media outlets, as well as for potential investors. Now, it is true that Ripple has had its fair share of troubles and challenges, some of them going as far as to become federal lawsuits against its parent company. However, the most of Ripple-related questions are concerns about whether this coin is a good investment or not.
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eToro Pays in Bitcoin for UK Football Partnerships
Seven Premier League football teams have received Bitcoin from trading platform eToro under collaboration contracts.
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Bitcoin ABC Calls nChain’s Bluff, Vows to Proceed with Contentious Hard Fork Upgrade
Bitcoin Cash development team Bitcoin ABC isn’t backing down from its plan to release a contentious software upgrade in November, despite vows from other development teams and at least one major mining pool to continue using software that is incompatible with the new ABC client. On Monday, Bitcoin ABC released version 0.18.0 of its full The post Bitcoin ABC Calls nChain’s Bluff, Vows to Proceed with Contentious Hard Fork Upgrade appeared first on CCN
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16 New Employees and 5 Exit at BitTorrent Since Acquisition by Tron (TRX)
Justin Sun and the Tron (TRX) Foundation officially acquired the famous peer-to-peer platform of BitTorrent back in mid June. The transaction was completed through Rainberry Acquisition Inc. and for a heavy price tag of $120 Million in cash. The BitTorrent firm even went ahead to make it official with a tweet that stated the following: It’s official. BitTorrent is now part of #TRON.
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How Coinbase Will Continue to Bring in Institutional Investors Into Crypto
Adam White, the vice president and general manager at Coinbase, has recently reaffirmed the company’s long-term strategy to lure in institutional investors into the crypto market. The official statement of White was released after Coinbase, the world’s largest cryptocurrency brokerage and wallet platform, released the industry’s first suite of institutional products, targeting large-scale investors in the traditional finance sector. Creating the Next Institutional Rally In an official blog post entitled “Introducing our Institutional Core Pri
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Crypto Community Watch Program Offers BTC Rewards to Anonymous Tips
As scams and fraud cases keep mounting up in the ICO sector, a number of industry leaders, have banded together and formed the Crypto Community Watch program. The group also pooled in together a 100 BTC reward for anonymous whistleblowers 100 BTC Whistleblower Reward for Anonymous Tippers A list of important businesses which include names like Ecoinmerce, ICO Alert, GZH, Step VC, and New Economies have joined forces and established the Crypto Community Watch, a program which allows and incentivizes anonymous users to report any bad actors. Th
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Buckle up, Bitcoin Getting Ready to Crash
Bitcoin is likely to take a hit as ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF deadline is due on August 23 which just like last time can crash the Bitcoin price and take it below $6k level. Though Bitcoin doesn’t need an ETF to reach great heights as even rebuffed by Andreas Antonopoulos, the market sentiments are expected to be hit negatively, so are you prepared? Bitcoin ETF deadline here, Bitcoin shouldn’t be affected but likely to crash Bitcoin took the latest hit at the beginning of this month when the Bitcoin ETF proposed by Winklevoss brothers got re
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Japanese telecom giant SoftBank has denied media reports of its involvement in a pre-IPO funding round of bitcoin mining rig manufacturer Bitmain. Last week, several media outlets had reported that SoftBank and Chinese internet giant Tencent were leading a pre-IPO funding round for Bitmain. The new information comes on the heels of a report that shows Bitmain unloaded most of its bitcoin (BTC) to accumulate bitcoin cash (BCH). According to last week’s story, SoftBank and Tencent invested an undisclosed amount of money in the world’s most v
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Interest in Bitcoin Cash Is Waning
Bitcoin Cash turned one-year-old a few weeks ago. Despite reaching this milestone, the altcoin struggles for traction. Commercial use of BCH has dropped off significantly, which is to be expected. It also shows that convincing people Bitcoin Cash is the real Bitcoin has become a lot more difficult. People Stop Using Bitcoin Cash Statistics provided by Chainalysis paint an interesting picture.
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Cryptocurrency exchange and digital wallet Cointree has partnered with artificial intelligence financial assistant Gobbill so that Australian users can now pay their bills with digital assets. Cointree supports all sorts of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, NEO, Ethereum, and DASH, among dozens more. The partnership allows Gobbill to access a user’s Cointree wallet, utilizing their held assets to pay utilities via the virtual assistant. A New Way To Pay Users traditionally cannot pay utility companies with crypto, and technically they sti
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The Tron (TRX) Community has continually proven as being one of the most proactive in the crypto-verse. They are the first to notice any developments with regards to the Tron project and even wake up in the middle of the night (depending on the time zone) to watch the various live streams from the Tron Foundation such as the launch of the Testnet, Mainnet, Genesis Block and the Tron Virtual Machine. The same community has also continued to HODL despite the bearish market that has been accelerated by the postponement by the SEC to rule on the
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Substituting Bitcoin For Gold in a Portfolio Can Achieve Higher Risk Adjusted Returns...
Researchers from Toronto’s York University have concluded that replacing gold with bitcoin in an investment portfolio can lead to higher risk adjusted returns. Using modern day portfolio theory to weight... The post Substituting Bitcoin For Gold in a Portfolio Can Achieve Higher Risk Adjusted Returns Says Paper appeared first on Trustnodes.
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The Bitcoin Dip: Buy, Sell, or HODL?
Buying Bitcoin is an art form much like investing as the value of the coin regularly fluctuates throughout the day
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The Debate on Bakkt and Its Potential Impact on Bitcoin
Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler announced in a blog post that the new platform, which will enable people and institutions to buy, sell, store and spend digital assets in a regulated ecosystem, will not support margin trading, leverage or cash settlements. Bakkt will be based on a one-day “physical Bitcoin futures contract” that will deliver Bitcoin on a specified date and help create “trusted price formation.” Bakkt, which was unveiled two weeks ago, is backed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), parent company of the New York Stock E
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Shelf.Network Joins YCombinator’s Advisory Path Program
Distributed auction Shelf.Network joins YCombinator’s special Advisory path program among 100 projects from different industries, CEO Lasha Antadze revealed to ForkLog. Проект Shelf. Network стал участником специальной программы от инкубатора YCombinatorhttps://t.co/DEDlx3ptKs#ShelfNetwork #YCombinator pic.twitter.com/E0QUqZRczY — ForkLog (@ForkLog) August 21, 2018 YCombinator will invest $10 000 in Shelf.Network development without acquiring equity while also providing the project with access to the U.S. market and its community. Acc
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This Thursday, the 23rd of August 2018 marks the next Bitcoin Exchange Traded Futures (ETF) application decision deadline for the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). This is one of many applications currently in place with the SEC, leaving many to wonder what will happen on Thursday, come the SEC announcement. Let’s recap on the last two pieces of ETF news. Firstly, the rejection of the Winklevoss ETF – this caused the markets to crash. Continue reading Thursday, The Deadline For The Next Bitcoin ETF, But Will It Happen?
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Bitmain IPO: Softbank and Tencent Reportedly ‘Not Involved’
Two major corporations have publicly denied involvement with the prospective initial public offering (IPO) of cryptocurrency mining giant Bitmain. Source: Tencent ‘Did Not Take Part’ In a fresh round of controversy over the plans, Chinese multinational Tencent and SoftBank, the largest investor in Uber, both rejected press claims they were participating. “Neither the SoftBank Group Corp. nor the SoftBank Vision Fund were in any way involved in the deal,” a representative said August 18. Despite not officially confirming its denial meanwhile,
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Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Reported to Have Low Commercial Use- Find Out why!
Recent reports have shown that Bitcoin Cash has a low commercial use, 56% of its total supply being controlled by 67 individual wallets. What’s more, the coin has suffered an 87% drop from its highest market cap value. Bitcoin Cash just passed its one-year anniversary since it split from the Bitcoin Core blockchain. Although a forked coin, many supporters including early Bitcoin adopter Roger Ver continue to see BCH as the ‘true Bitcoin.’ Ver stated in a phone interview: “That’s what actually gives [bitcoin cash] its underlying value, that yo
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Contrary to popular FUD, crypto mining is not a threat to environment
Although there are often stories in the news about how detrimental mining for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is to the environment, it appears that this may not really be the case. A report by Dr. Katrina Kelly-Pitou, who is a research associate in electrical and computer engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, pointed out that the doom-and-gloom scenario portrayed by those who castigate cryptocurrency for its environmental wastefulness may be off the mark. In an article for non-profit academic media outlet The Conversation, Kelly-Pitou h
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Tencent, Softbank, Deny Investing in Bitmain’s Latest Funding Round
Bitmain’s latest funding round is quickly becoming a lot less star-studded. Hong Kong-based financial publication AAStocks reports that both Tencent and Softbank have issued public statements denying their participation in the bitcoin mining giant’s latest funding round, which multiple outlets had said was expected to raise $1 billion. Chinese publication QQ had earlier reported that The post Tencent, Softbank, Deny Investing in Bitmain’s Latest Funding Round appeared first on CCN
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In the crypto world, it has always been a tradition for Altcoins to rise whenever Bitcoin price rises or becomes stable. The opposite is the case right now. The mother of all coins have been in a stable condition for quite some while now but the ‘Alternative Coins’ have been observing major losses this time […]
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Crypto investing comes with the giddying possibility of Lambo-sized gains, along with the gut-wrenching sucker punches of 25 percent price drops. So it makes perfect sense that professional poker players and online betting enthusiasts are also among those lured into the investment game. For anyone wanting to combine their Bitcoin wins with a dabble of online poker or online betting, cryptocurrency casinos could be particularly alluring. Based on our research, Bitstarz Casino is one of the most popular. Read on to find out if it’s a good fit f
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eToro Adds IOTA, Brings Number of Available Crypto Assets to 12
eToro, a global trading and investment platform, has announced the addition of IOTA to its list of crypto assets, bringing the total number available to 12. The move to add the 11th-ranked cryptocurrency by market cap comes as investors seek more diversity with their portfolios. IOTA is now available on the platform alongside Bitcoin, Ethereum, […] The post eToro Adds IOTA, Brings Number of Available Crypto Assets to 12 appeared first on Coinjournal.
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Bitcoin Energy Consumption Exaggerated says Energy Researcher
In Jan 2018, an independent article was published online which shows the different energy consumptions associated with Bitcoin mining with regards to different destinations. From the published article, it was seen that bitcoin miners in Venezuela will maximize cost as it was the country with the cheapest energy consumption for bitcoin mining, which stood below $600 for 1 BTC, while South Korea was the highest in energy consumption for mining 1 bitcoin which stood above $13,000. Since then, there has been migration of bitcoin miners in other
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Bittrex Official Adds XRP/USD and ETC/USD Pairs
Popular crypto exchange, Bittrex, has officially added XRP/USD and ETC/USD trading pairs effective August 20th, 2018. In the Twitter announcement that was made on the same day, the team at the exchange stated the following: Today, we’re adding XRP and ETC to our USD (Fiat) markets in addition to previously announced USD pairs for Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), TrueUSD (TUSD) and Ethereum (ETH). Crypto Community Response The XRP community seemed the most excited about the new pairings with the USD. One twitter user would express his excitemen
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Turbulent times ahead for Bitcoin facing ETF decisions?
It looks like the crypto prices are going to experience an even wilder roller coaster ride in the coming months. According to the SEC, as much as 9 ETF proposals will be decided on in the next 2 months. So far, only 2 major ETF proposals have been made, one by the Winklevoss twins who operate the crypto exchange, Gemini, and another by the CBOE BZX Exchange. The Winklevoss twins had their proposal rejected on the grounds that there were still insufficient protections that would prevent price manipulation in the Bitcoin trading markets. The
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eToro, the FOREX platform come crypto trading platform have signed a huge advertising deal that will see the platform sponsor seven of England and Wales’ Premier League football teams. This is important for cryptocurrency adoption as it is set to expose a number of people to the idea of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and may of course encourage some new investment, through the eToro platform. It’s good news for eToro, but better news for the wider cryptocurrency community. Continue reading eToro Seal Huge Premier League Football Advertising Deal
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3 hours
Bitcoin [BTC]’s energy consumption is not a worry, says Research Associate
In a recent article published in The Conversation [non-profit academic media outlet], Dr. Katrina M. Research Associate, Resilient Energy and Power Systems at the Swanson School of Engineering discusses Bitcoin and recent talks revolving around Bitcoin’s energy consumption. Katrina, also known as Kelly-Pitou, believes that discussions revolving around Bitcoin and energy has been oversimplified and is unfair without understanding the energy intensity of new technologies in general. She says: “New technologies – such as data centers, computers
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Crypto exchanges join Winklevoss brothers in self-regulatory group
With regulation constantly on the lips of anyone who has something to do with cryptocurrency, a group of crypto exchanges have decided to band together to form a self-regulating organization called the Virtual Commodity Association (VCA), with the backing of the Winklevoss brothers’ Gemini exchange. Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, founders of Gemini exchange, were consistently in the news of late, what with their failed application for a crypto exchange traded fund (ETF) as well as pronouncements that BTC will once again reach its all-time high
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4 hours
Bitcoin Demand Still Going Strong Despite Price Being 68% Lower than its ATH
Bitcoin demand is in full force as the bitcoin futures volume on CME rises significantly, registering more than Cboe’s and bitcoin spot trading on Coinbase despite BTC being 68% lower than its peak. Moreover, eToro also showcasing an increase in bitcoin holdings clients. Bitcoin futures volume rises significantly on CME Bitcoin has lost about 68 percent of its value since December when it hit its peak at $19,500. However, this isn’t affecting the enthusiasm of the bitcoin investors at all as instead of a downward movement, it has taken an upw
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4 hours
The Daily: Crypto Self-Regulatory Organization, 100 BTC Whistleblower Reward
In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover a couple of stories that show how the cryptocurrency industry is trying to police itself. One group of companies has begun working on the formation of a self-regulatory organization and another has created a 100 BTC whistleblower reward pool. Also Read: 44% of American Executives Think “Blockchain Is Overhyped” Crypto Self-Regulatory Organization A number of companies have jointly formed a Working Group to try and establish an industry-sponsored, self-regulatory organization (SRO) for cryptocurr
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Squire Discloses Coingeek.com Associate as Exclusive Worldwide Distributor for its Nex...
Squire Mining Ltd. (CSE: SQR) – Further to the Company’s news release of August 10, 2018, Squire Mining announces an associate of Coingeek.com, the world’s largest miner of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), is the exclusive worldwide distributor (the “Distributor”) of the Company’s next generation ASIC chips and mining systems currently under development. Upon completion of development and manufacture of the Company’s initial ASIC chip and mining rig, the Distributor will have the exclusive right to market, promote, solicit, sell and distribute the Company
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4 hours
Less than Half of the Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Provide Real Value Working Products
A study looking at the top 100 cryptocurrencies has found that less than half provide a useful function or ‘real value’ to the public. A Small Number of Cryptos Deliver a Valuable Function The research was conducted by Invest in Blockchain on August 14th. It researched the top 100 cryptocurrencies by market cap to determine which, if any, actually had working products that provide real value. Notably, at the time, it found that only 36 out of the top 100 have working products. Some of the top crypto assets looked at included Bitcoin, Ethereum
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4 hours
What Are Crypto Exchanges and Why Do We Need Them?
The fundamental idea behind Bitcoin was to create a peer-to-peer system for money transfer, without any third parties involved. While Bitcoin managed to technically solve that problem, the real world has presented a number of other challenges, the first being acceptance. Say you want to pay for pizza in Bitcoin: the receiving party must be willing to receive Bitcoin in return for the pizza they give you. This problem virtually doesn’t exist with the dollar, but since digital currencies have not become mainstream yet, we need to find those who
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Three Suspects in China’s Biggest $87 Million Cryptocurrency Heist Arrested By Police
Chinese police have recently arrested three men for hacking and stealing 600 million yuan ($87 million) in cryptocurrencies. According to the South China Morning Post, the Xian Police officers stated on Saturday, August 18, 2018, that when it came to cryptocurrency criminal investigations in China, this was the largest number of stolen cryptocurrencies in the nation. First Cryptocurrency-Related Case In... The post Three Suspects in China’s Biggest $87 Million Cryptocurrency Heist Arrested By Police appeared first on BTCMANAGER.
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Steve Wozniak of Apple fame has finally revealed his plans for his future position within the cryptocurrency community. He’s not backing Bitcoin, nor is he joining Ripple. Wozniak, is about to back a very niche project, one that is based on the Ethereum blockchain by the name of Equi Capital, a blockchain project that is designed to make investment more accessible to everyone. According to The Next Web, Wozniak has said: “I’m involved with, very soon, my first time being involved in a blockchain company. Continue reading Apple’s Wozniak Want’
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4 hours
New Partnership Allows Australians to Pay Bills in Cryptocurrency
Holders of cryptocurrencies in Australia will now be able to pay their bills in cryptocurrencies, thanks to a new partnership between cryptocurrency exchange, Cointree, and automated billing platform, Gobill. New Partnership Opens Crypto Doors Cointree, in a tweet, recently announced its partnership with Gobill which would enable cryptocurrency holders to settle their household bills with a wide range of cryptocurrencies. As a part of the agreement, Gobill will take users’ cryptocurrency funds and pay their bills on their behalf, acting as an
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4 hours
eToro to Pay for Major UK Soccer Sponsorship Deal With Bitcoin
Online investment platform eToro has inked a deal that will see it use bitcoin to pay for sponsorship at seven Premier League soccer teams.
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4 hours
Bakkt Will Trade ‘Pre-Funded’ Bitcoin – Not Paper Claims, CEO Confirms
Bakkt, the digital asset platform announced a couple of weeks ago, won’t support margin trading, according to its CEO. The solution will aim to facilitate institutional investment, providing the much-needed infrastructure for it.    Bakkt Not Like the Rest Bitcoinist reported August 3 that the owner of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) – the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) is teaming up with marquee companies among which Starbucks, BCG, and Microsoft, to create a new digital asset platform geared to solve much of the current industry issues
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Chainalysis Research Reveals Low Adoption Of Bitcoin Cash In Commerce
It has been just over one year now since Bitcoin Cash was orked from the Bitcoin ‘core’ blockchain. Majority of Bitcoin worshippers and early adopters touted Bitcoin Cash as the ‘true Bitcoin’ but a new research suggests otherwise. According to research by blockchain analytics firm Chainalysis reported on 20 August 2018 by Bloomberg, Bitcoin Cash is hardly being used for commerce. The firm reviewed payments received by the 17 largest crypto merchant processing services (such a BitPay) from Bitcoin Cash’s inception in August 2017 to May 2018,
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Bitcoin Shorts at All Time High, $250 Million Betting on Price Going Down
Bitcoin shorts have risen today to an all-time high of ₿39,000, worth some $250 million at current prices. Sell (short) bets have doubled since the second of August, from around... The post Bitcoin Shorts at All Time High, $250 Million Betting on Price Going Down appeared first on Trustnodes.
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4 hours
Bitcoin Technical Analysis: BTC/USD Bulls-Bears Fighting Near $6,500
Bitcoin price recovered sharply after testing the $6,225 support against the US Dollar. BTC/USD has to break the $6,500 resistance for more upsides. Important points Bitcoin’s decline found a strong support near the $6,225 pivot level. There is a declining channel formed with resistance at $6,460 on the 2-hour chart of BTC/USD. BTC price may perhaps continue to trade in a range with support at $6,255 and resistance near $6,500/80.
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4 hours
Daily Price Analysis 21/08: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Litecoin
The cryptocurrency market has shed $5 billion over the past 24 hours, dropping from $214 billion to $209 billion. This drop comes despite Tezos recording gains over the past 24 hours. The total trading volume has also dropped to $11 billion from the $12 billion recorded yesterday. Bitcoin price analysis The Bitcoin price is still […]
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4 hours
The Bitmain IPO: A risky bet on mining and Bitcoin Cash?
While a leading bitcoin startup going public should be considered a success for the bitcoin community, the Bitmain IPO is not without controversy.
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4 hours
SEC Have Until Thursday 23rd August, to Decide on the ProShares Bitcoin ETFs
The Bitcoin (BTC) ETF saga at the SEC will go on for a while with another pair of ETF sponsored by two firms – ProShares in conjunction with NYSE Arca – due for a verdict on this Thursday, August 23rd. The two ETFs are the ProShares Bitcoin ETF and the ProShares Short Bitcoin ETF. The ruling on these two ETFs cannot be postponed further under the SEC rules. The good thing about this ETF, is that the crytpo-verse is aware of the pending deadline and that it is sponsored by a different firm other than the one we are eagerly awaiting for on the
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4 hours
Police Arrest Alleged Leader of BitConnect Ponzi Scheme
Authorities have arrested Divyesh Darji who is alleged to be the leader and largest promoter of BitConnect, the Bitcoin pyramid scheme. Local news outlets reported that he was arrested at Delhi airport on Saturday, after arriving on a flight from Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, where he was based. Bitconnect boss arrested seven months […]
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Bitcoin Markets 400
Market Pair Price Volume 24H Volume (%)
BitMEX BTC/USD $6,431.00 $3.56B 30.42%
BitForex BTC/USDT $6,439.50 $3.35B 28.67%
Binance BTC/USDT $6,439.27 $336.31M 2.87%
Bitfinex BTC/USD $6,435.00 $287.52M 2.46%
DOBI trade ETH/BTC $6,475.32 $269.04M 2.3%
OKEx BTC/USDT $6,446.07 $207.7M 1.78%
FCoin BTC/USDT $6,437.60 $147.55M 1.26%
Quoine BTC/JPY $6,428.71 $145.11M 1.24%
DOBI trade LTC/BTC $6,444.46 $137.42M 1.17%
Huobi BTC/USDT $6,440.39 $94.62M 0.81%
CoinEx BTC/USDT $6,440.75 $82.2M 0.7%
HitBTC BTC/USDT $6,445.56 $65.62M 0.56%
ooobtc BTC/USDT $6,435.66 $65.04M 0.56%
ZB.COM BTC/USDT $6,432.61 $61M 0.52%
Simex BTC/USD $6,435.50 $58.98M 0.5%
ZB.COM QTUM/BTC $6,459.83 $57.19M 0.49%
Zaif BTC/JPY $6,427.14 $56.46M 0.48%
Fisco BTC/JPY $6,427.14 $56.46M 0.48%
Coinbase Pro BTC/USD $6,431.50 $56.4M 0.48%
CoinBene ETH/BTC $6,474.41 $54.48M 0.47%
bitFlyer BTC/JPY $6,434.66 $52.74M 0.45%
CoinBene BTC/USDT $6,448.91 $51.7M 0.44%
Bit-Z BTC/USDT $6,443.76 $49.21M 0.42%
Bitstamp BTC/USD $6,430.97 $47.82M 0.41%
Binance ETH/BTC $6,477.74 $47.52M 0.41%
Coinsuper BTC/USD $6,439.13 $46.37M 0.4%
Kraken BTC/EUR $6,434.74 $38.37M 0.33%
OKEx LTC/BTC $6,438.97 $36.34M 0.31%
DigiFinex BTC/USDT $6,941.20 $34.2M 0.29%
BigONE BTC/USDT $6,441.14 $33.28M 0.28%
Bibox BTC/USDT $6,429.74 $32.8M 0.28%
CoinEx BTC/BCH $6,452.46 $32.55M 0.28%
OEX BTC/CNY $6,497.71 $30.63M 0.26%
Binance ONT/BTC $6,474.71 $30.44M 0.26%
Kraken BTC/USD $6,430.00 $30.31M 0.26%
CoinEx ETH/BTC $6,475.15 $29.53M 0.25%
OKEx ETH/BTC $6,477.42 $28.23M 0.24%
Upbit BTC/KRW $6,607.31 $26.76M 0.23%
Fatbtc BTC/CNY $6,396.00 $26.56M 0.23%
OKEx ETC/BTC $6,464.27 $25.6M 0.22%
HitBTC BCH/BTC $6,459.12 $24.09M 0.21%
Coincheck BTC/JPY $6,439.28 $23.43M 0.2%
BCEX BTC/CKUSD $6,443.01 $23.38M 0.2%
HitBTC ETH/BTC $6,478.95 $23.31M 0.2%
Bibox BIX/BTC $6,461.74 $22.31M 0.19%
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TOPBTC BTC/CNY $6,498.55 $21.68M 0.19%
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Gemini BTC/USD $6,435.29 $21.65M 0.19%
EXX ETC/BTC $6,408.65 $21.57M 0.18%
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Bit-Z ETH/BTC $6,477.89 $19.36M 0.17%
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Cryptonex BTC/USD $6,541.26 $17.21M 0.15%
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UEX BTC/USDT $6,428.17 $15.98M 0.14%
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Allcoin BTC/CKUSD $6,441.55 $15.41M 0.13%
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Lbank QTUM/BTC $6,419.71 $10.58M 0.09%
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Trade By Trade BTC/USDT $6,965.73 $10.36M 0.09%
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Cryptonex BTC/EUR $6,530.29 $10.02M 0.09%
Allcoin BCH/BTC $6,772.52 $9.87M 0.08%
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Livecoin BTC/USD $6,630.41 $9.08M 0.08%
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BitBay BTC/PLN $6,465.46 $7.97M 0.07%
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xBTCe BTC/USD $6,431.80 $4.79M 0.04%
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Bitfinex BCH/BTC $6,459.04 $3.24M 0.03%
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Gate.io BTC/USDT $6,444.35 $2.85M 0.02%
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Binance ZIL/BTC $6,722.67 $2.7M 0.02%
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Lbank DASH/BTC $6,434.08 $2.68M 0.02%
Bitfinex XRP/BTC $6,497.28 $2.65M 0.02%
EXX BTC/USDT $6,551.05 $2.63M 0.02%
Cryptonex BTC/CNY $6,507.64 $2.58M 0.02%
BtcTrade.im BCH/BTC $7,354.46 $2.54M 0.02%
Bittrex ADA/BTC $6,477.21 $2.51M 0.02%
TOPBTC HSR/BTC $4,547.51 $2.48M 0.02%
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ZB.COM EOS/BTC $6,455.75 $2.45M 0.02%
Exrates LTC/BTC $6,318.29 $2.43M 0.02%
Bitinka BTC/BRL $6,187.42 $2.43M 0.02%
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Huobi HT/BTC $6,464.11 $2.42M 0.02%
LocalTrade ETH/BTC $6,454.38 $2.41M 0.02%
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Bitfinex BTC/GBP $6,429.71 $2.2M 0.02%
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Bit-Z ZEC/BTC $6,557.36 $2.09M 0.02%
BtcTrade.im LTC/BTC $5,997.70 $2.08M 0.02%
Exmo BTC/EUR $6,500.59 $2.08M 0.02%
GOPAX BTC/KRW $6,625.22 $2.06M 0.02%
BtcTrade.im ETC/BTC $6,292.83 $1.99M 0.02%
BTC-Alpha R/BTC $6,514.03 $1.95M 0.02%
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Coinsuper OMG/BTC $6,465.00 $1.92M 0.02%
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Bitinka BTC/COP $5,821.98 $1.89M 0.02%
Paribu BTC/TRY $6,465.75 $1.89M 0.02%
Qryptos NEO/BTC $6,410.94 $1.87M 0.02%
Hotbit TRX/BTC $6,346.29 $1.87M 0.02%
BitMart ETH/BTC $6,488.04 $1.84M 0.02%
BCEX ANS/BTC $5,891.26 $1.83M 0.02%
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Coinroom BTC/USD $6,355.99 $1.82M 0.02%
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Lbank DAX/BTC $5,988.25 $1.81M 0.02%
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BTC Markets BTC/AUD $6,489.87 $1.72M 0.01%
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Stellar Decentralized Exchange BTC/XLM $6,393.00 $1.68M 0.01%
Cryptonex BTC/KRW $6,251.74 $1.66M 0.01%
Bitinka BTC/PEN $6,373.33 $1.63M 0.01%
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Bitinka BCH/BTC $6,350.42 $1.6M 0.01%
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Livecoin ORME/BTC $6,460.25 $1.48M 0.01%
Coinbase Pro BTC/GBP $6,433.62 $1.47M 0.01%
Huobi LTC/BTC $6,440.69 $1.46M 0.01%
QuadrigaCX BTC/CAD $6,777.83 $1.45M 0.01%
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CoinEgg ETH/BTC $6,484.86 $1.44M 0.01%
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Kucoin BTC/USDT $6,440.97 $1.43M 0.01%
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Exmo ETH/BTC $6,474.72 $1.4M 0.01%
HADAX MAN/BTC $6,403.03 $1.4M 0.01%
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Coinhub BTC/SGD $6,450.50 $1.38M 0.01%
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Binance KEY/BTC $6,442.49 $1.37M 0.01%
Coinroom BTC/EUR $6,443.98 $1.36M 0.01%
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Bitfinex MIOTA/BTC $6,466.33 $1.35M 0.01%
Huobi EDU/BTC $6,454.25 $1.34M 0.01%
Luno BTC/ZAR $6,647.35 $1.33M 0.01%
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Trade By Trade DASH/BTC $6,104.66 $1.3M 0.01%
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ACX BTC/AUD $6,466.84 $1.27M 0.01%
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YoBit LTC/BTC $6,460.41 $1.2M 0.01%
CoinTiger EOS/BTC $6,467.86 $1.19M 0.01%
Coinroom BTC/PLN $6,457.93 $1.18M 0.01%
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Trade By Trade BCH/BTC $5,279.57 $1.15M 0.01%
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Bitinka BTC/CLP $5,981.79 $1.11M 0.01%
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Bit-Z QTUM/BTC $6,419.71 $1.09M 0.01%
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bitFlyer BTC/USD $6,422.30 $1.08M 0.01%
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