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2 months
In 2016 there had been a crypto bear market that was lasting over 2 years already. Bitcoin was the most dominant cryptocurrency in all… Continue reading on Medium »
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5 months
WildRig – A New AMD/Nvidia GPU Miner for the Wild Keccak Algorithm
WildRig is a relatively new closed source miner for both AMD OpenCL and Nvidia CUDA GPU miners for the Wild Keccak algorithm used by crypto coins such as Boolberry (BBR) or PURK. It seems to be performing better on Nvidia hardware compared to ccMiner’s performance for Wild Keccak, though on AMD it may not be faster than other alternative miners available. Do note that since this is a closed source miner it also comes with a 2% developer fee built-in, so that fact can make all the difference depending on your hardware if it is worth using t
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9 months
Purk (PURK) is a new open source, mineable and autonomous cryptocurrency that is being described as a currency that can be used to monetize anything from website content, blog articles, multimedia, products and a variety of online services by allowing users to tip or donate to content owners anonymously. The developers say that Purk was created to help content owners and service providers monetize their website or application by accepting quick and easy micropayments from their users or customers. Purk is based on Boolberry and CryptoNote
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BTC-Alpha BBR/BTC $0.981128 $3,238 87.5%
STEX BBR/BTC $0.956160 $462 12.5%