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5 months
Endor Aims to Empower Users with Predictive Analytics on Blockchain
The second half of 2018 will likely represent a decisive period for cryptocurrencies, as many of the core functionalities and services offered across blockchains and protocols are poised to come to fruition. This “utility wave” of upcoming projects has the potential to radically change the nature of virtual interactions and even cause a paradigm shift throughout major industries worldwide. One exciting utility that has recently been announced is the Endor Protocol which has recently entered its beta phase, enabling its 25,000+ members to enga
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6 months
KuCoin Announces ENDOR [EDR] Listing Today
KuCoin as one of the most significant and trusted crypto exchange markets, endeavor to provide users the best experience in all digital asset processes. It is accomplished by uniting premium assets worldwide and constructing a state of the art transaction platform. And today, KuCoin proudly announces that they have once again listed another promising project called Endor, a well-reputed protocol utilizing artificial intelligence for predictions. ENDOR (EDR) is now available on KuCoin with supported trading pairs including EDR/BTC and EDR/ETH.
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6 months
KuCoin Announces Endor EDR As One Of Their Promising Currencies
KuCoin is a blockchain asset exchange that is known for adopting rare and promising altcoins in the cryptocurrency market. The platform has an extensive range of digital currencies with a rewarding user-loyalty system based on its native cryptocurrency. Because of its exceptional reputation, KuCoin once again proved its reliability by listing another decentralized protocol called Endor. It is among the emerging blockchain projects that highlight’s the advancement of the modern technology utilizing artificial intelligence. Starting today, EDR
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6 months
Endor Protocol (EDR) Gets Listed on KuCoin!
Dear KuCoin Users, KuCoin is extremely proud to announce yet another great project coming to our trading platform. Endor Protocol (EDR) is now available on…Continue ReadingEndor Protocol (EDR) Gets Listed on KuCoin!
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9 months
Predictive analytics firm Endor closed the pre-sale for its EDR blockchain token by reaching the pre-determined cap of $45 million. The successful funding event was made possible by the support of investors worldwide. Requests for participation even amounted to $320 million in potential capital. However, Endor held true to its committed pre-sale cap and regulated contributions to allow more users to join. EDR tokens are the fuel for the company’s Endor.coin Protocol – a blockchain-based protocol that allows users to access accurate prediction
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E-Dinar Coin Markets 20
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P2PB2B EDR/BTC $0.007240 $613,314 27.79%
Exrates EDR/BTC $0.007080 $428,702 19.42%
P2PB2B EDR/USD $0.007190 $412,571 18.69%
Exrates EDR/USD $0.007366 $411,311 18.64%
LocalTrade EDR/BTC $0.007204 $130,250 5.9%
LocalTrade EDR/DASH $0.007206 $97,269 4.41%
LocalTrade EDR/USD $0.007209 $30,857 1.4%
YoBit EDR2/BTC $0.007277 $21,559 0.98%
Exrates EDR/IDR $0.009574 $18,698 0.85%
LocalTrade EDR/LTC $0.007209 $17,668 0.8%
Bit-Z EDR/USDT $0.007738 $6,451 0.29%
Bit-Z EDR/BTC $0.006898 $6,250 0.28%
LocalTrade EDR/ETH $0.007208 $5,652 0.26%
IDAX EDR/BTC $0.007350 $2,392 0.11%
DigiFinex EDC/BTC $0.007277 $2,241 0.1%
Livecoin EDR/USD $0.007200 $734 0.03%
Livecoin EDR/BTC $0.007240 $655 0.03%
YoBit EDR2/USD $0.008208 $450 0.02%
LocalTrade EDR/IDR $0.007064 $85 0%
Bit-Z EDR/ETH $0.006783 $0 0%