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1 month
As all cryptocurrencies continue to lose value at a rather quick pace, it becomes all the more important to look for ways to score a quick profit. Airdrops, while often overlooked, play a critical role in this regard. There is some good money to be made with Airdrops, especially when considering how very little effort is involved in the process. Liquid The Liquid project aims to build a unified trading platform to bridge the gap between cryptocurrency and fiat currency. To celebrate this major development, the team is airdropping $18 worth o
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2 months
Stablecoins are in demand everywhere and seems like everyone wants a piece of them. Considering this demand from the customers, a lot of exchanges are adding them in a frenzy. Same seems to be the case with Liquid- a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto. Gemini Dollar (GUSD), Circle’s USDC and Electroneum (ETN) find listing on Liquid According to the recent announcement, Liquid, a trading platform that bridges fiat and crypto, has announced the listing of Electroneum (ETN), a cryptocurrency focused on mobile usage, in addition to mul
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3 months
Decentralized intelligence startup DAOstack has announced the successful listing of its native GEN token on the Liquid cryptocurrency exchange recently launched by Quoine. Since October 9th, GEN has been available for trading against BTC, ETH and QASH, with trading against fiat pairs slated for the future. This article is provided by Bitcoin PR Buzz Quione is a major fintech firm providing next-generation financial services enhanced with blockchain innovation. With locations in East and Southeast Asia, Quoine Corporation made its mark by beco
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7 months
Top 5 Cryptocurrency Projects to Watch in June 2018
In terms of price action, the overall crypto market is pretty disheartening right now. The market can’t seem to… The post Top 5 Cryptocurrency Projects to Watch in June 2018 appeared first on Invest In Blockchain.
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8 months
QUOINE Launches ICO Mission Control, An All-In-One ICO Solution
On May 6, 2018, the team behind the QASH token (QUOINE) announced a new service called ICO Mission Control… The post QUOINE Launches ICO Mission Control, An All-In-One ICO Solution appeared first on Invest In Blockchain.
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11 months
Even though interest in cryptocurrency has never been higher than it is today, the markets are still rather illiquid at times. Especially when compared to traditional financial markets, there is plenty of room for improvement. This is where QASH comes into the picture, as it’s the native currency of the LIQUID project. So far, this project has attracted a lot of positive attention, even though it remains to be seen how the rest of the world will respond. What is the Purpose of QASH?
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1 year
QASH has grown almost 300% this month after breaking through the $1 mark, and if it achieves what it aims to do, it can go much bigger.
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1 year
The Dash Core team announced today that DASH has been newly listed on QRYPTOS, a crypto only trading platform, and crypto-fiat exchange QUOINEX, two trading platforms launched by Japanese fintech company QUOINE. QUOINEX is one of the first Financial Services Authority licensed cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan, and is one of the most liquid Japanese digital asset exchanges ranked by daily trading volume. In addition, Dash will benefit from added market depth through integration into QUOINE’s new global liquidity platform, called LIQUID, which
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EXX QASH/ETH $0.096431 $98,704 33.16%
Liquid QASH/JPY $0.102875 $30,012 10.08%
Huobi QASH/ETH $0.101377 $29,375 9.87%
Huobi QASH/BTC $0.101449 $29,032 9.75%
Hotbit QASH/BTC $0.097508 $23,948 8.04%
Hotbit QASH/ETH $0.096308 $22,345 7.51%
Ethfinex QSH/USD $0.103580 $15,909 5.34%
Liquid QASH/BTC $0.101157 $12,803 4.3%
Liquid QASH/USD $0.090200 $11,932 4.01%
Liquid QASH/ETH $0.104208 $11,683 3.92% QASH/USDT $0.102436 $5,380 1.81%
Ethfinex QSH/BTC $0.105244 $4,338 1.46%
Ethfinex QSH/ETH $0.098102 $1,039 0.35%
Liquid QASH/SGD $0.102613 $602 0.2%
Liquid ETN/QASH $0.117193 $139 0.05% QASH/BTC $0.100792 $122 0.04%
Liquid XRP/QASH $0.102529 $118 0.04%
Liquid QASH/EUR $0.103066 $70 0.02% QASH/ETH $0.099028 $69 0.02%
GOPAX QASH/ETH $0.135517 $33 0.01%
IDEX QASH/ETH $0.098904 $25 0.01%
GOPAX QASH/KRW $0.103067 $1 0%
Liquid QASH/AUD $0.101785 $1 0%
GOPAX QASH/BTC $0.113126 $1 0%
Liquid QASH/IDR $1.06 $0 0%
Liquid DENT/QASH $0.110575 $0 0%
Liquid FTT/QASH $0.016918 $0 0%
Liquid ELY/QASH $0.371676 $0 0%
Liquid IPSX/QASH $0.496589 $0 0%
Liquid TPAY/QASH $0.083754 $0 0%
Liquid ZCO/QASH $0.112893 $0 0%
Liquid FLIXX/QASH $0.091551 $0 0%
Liquid ONT/QASH $0.103644 $0 0%