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Latest iExec RLC News
2 months
Lyon Nov 1, 2018 – iExec has announced the release of the iExec End-to-end Trusted Execution framework, the first scalable solution for businesses to bring security to blockchain-based computing using Intel® SGX. Working in partnership with Scontain UG, the iExec solution is the first ever complete toolkit, including SDK developer tools and technical documentation, for businesses to easily employ Intel® SGX enclaves to ensure the end-to-end protection of any blockchain products. The importance of end-to-end security on decentralized and distr
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7 months
iExec RLC vs Bitcoin Uptrend Is Valid
Since April, iExec RLC has been steadily moving upwards and gained 180% against the Bitcoin in just 6 weeks. Price went from 1k satoshis up to the 3.2k satoshis high, where it formed a double top. Nevertheless trend remains bullish and RLC/BTC continues to reject the uptrend trendline and the 50 Moving Average, while producing higher highs and higher lows. On the recent corrective wave down, RLC found the support at 50% Fibonacci retracement level, that is 2120 satoshis. The support has been rejected cleanly, suggesting that the uptrend might
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7 months
iExec Technical Analysis: (RLC/BTC) New Intel Partnership Ignites Bullish Support. iEx...
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8 months
iExec RLC (RLC) To The Moon As It Gets Huge Partnerships
For many digital assets in the market, May is a month they would not want to relive, however, for iExec RLC (RLC), the month just seems to get better, from two top notch partnership announcements to price mooning, which has seen the RLC tokens hit an all time high. Price and Performance of iExec RLC […]
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10 months
Blockchain technology allows for the creation of innovative business models. iExec is one of those projects which seeks to combine blockchain with cloud computing. It aims to build the first marketplace for cloud resources in a decentralized manner. There are quite a few intriguing aspects to this project, and it is fully powered by the RLC token. What Exactly is iExec? The company has one simple goal in mind: reinventing the concept of cloud computing altogether.
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iExec RLC Markets 15
Market Pair Price Volume 24H Volume (%)
Binance RLC/BTC $0.195212 $119,786 73.77%
Bittrex RLC/BTC $0.192983 $14,810 9.12%
Upbit RLC/BTC $0.193199 $10,273 6.33%
Binance RLC/ETH $0.194402 $9,463 5.83%
Binance RLC/BNB $0.193050 $4,835 2.98% RLC/USDT $0.198709 $1,153 0.71%
Ethfinex RLC/BTC $0.206860 $966 0.59%
Bittrex RLC/ETH $0.195338 $267 0.16%
Liqui RLC/BTC $0.191869 $267 0.16%
HitBTC RLC/BTC $0.193163 $197 0.12% RLC/ETH $0.196184 $127 0.08%
Liqui RLC/USDT $0.193767 $101 0.06%
Ethfinex RLC/USD $0.200000 $67 0.04%
Liqui RLC/ETH $0.191831 $51 0.03%
Ethfinex RLC/ETH $0.196172 $22 0.01%