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Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Remains at $6,400, Good Sign Things Aren’t Slumping
At press time, bitcoin remains in the lower $6,400 region, and is virtually unchanged from yesterday. The father of crypto – like every digital asset in today’s market – has exhibited heavy signs of volatility over the past week, typically hopping around between $6,000 and $6,500. Thus, it’s nice to know the coin is looking to sit still for the time being. But no activity now doesn’t mean there won’t be activity later. Bitcoin’s volatility remains a huge problem in the crypto industry and has many investors on the run.
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4 hours
VeChain Price: Modest Gains Buck Overall Negative Crypto Market Trend
Despite all of the uneasy momentum haunting the cryptocurrency markets, there are some positive developments to take note of as well. The VeChain price is rising once again and has successfully retaken the $0.014 level. It is the only currency in the entire top 20 – besides Tether – to note any positive momentum over the past 24 hours. VeChain Price is on the Mend Once Again It is somewhat surprising to see a smaller-cap altcoin buck the negative trend keeping all other cryptocurrencies in its grip as of right now. These kinds of price change
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23 hours
Tether’s Printing Press Has Churned Out $415 Million in August
Controversial cryptocurrency company Tether has “printed” $415 million worth of new tokens in August, vaulting the so-called “stablecoin” into the eighth position in the market cap rankings. Tether Market Cap Hits All-Time High CCN reported last week that Tether had already issued close to $200 million worth of USDT in August, and the firm kept The post Tether’s Printing Press Has Churned Out $415 Million in August appeared first on CCN
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1 day
Tory Reiss speaks about the future of asset tokenization on the blockchain.
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1 day
Tether Overtakes Cardano in Market Cap After Printing Out $300 Million
Tether has become the eighth biggest cryptocurrency after printing out around $300 million to gain a market cap of above $2.7 billion. That’s roughly a return to where it was... The post Tether Overtakes Cardano in Market Cap After Printing Out $300 Million appeared first on Trustnodes.
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2 days
Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 13 to 19 Of August, 2018
At the end of the week, we resume everything that the cryptocommunity talked about over the past seven days. This week XRP dropped on 92% of its record high last year, Tether added ... Запись Crypto Space Over The Past Week From 13 to 19 Of August, 2018 впервые появилась Bit.news.
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2 days
Emerging market turmoil could be breeding ground for stable coins
Emerging market currencies have plunged this week, Local Bitcoins transactions have hit an all-time high in Argentina and there is some evidence of premium being paid in India for USD Tether. 
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3 days
OKEx Crypto Exchange Launches Two New Partner Trading Platforms
The new exchanges, OCNex and 2100bit, offer crypto-to-crypto trading in pairs with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).
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4 days
Kucoin adds XLM/USDT as IBM looks to use Stellar in fighting climate change – Good tid...
Kucoin, a well-known crypto exchange has made some changes to their crypto pairings. The exchange has announced that they are dropping some of USDT pairings and adding a few more. One of the coins they have added with the USDT pair is Stellar XLM, as seen in the announcement below. For Stellar investors, this is welcome news, because it makes Stellar more accessible, which could add to its already fast rising demand. The announcement by Kucoin comes after some other good news related to Stellar such as coming migration to Stellar 10.0.0.
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4 days
Loopring DEX Added USDT Trading Pairs (Batch#5)
Loopring has added 13 USDT-based trading pairs to Loopr and Circulr DEX. These new trading pairs are: ARP-USDT, BAT-USDT, BNT-USDT, DAI-USDT, IOST-USDT, KNC-USDT, LRC-USDT, OMG-USDT, RDN-USDT, REQ-USDT, SNT-USDT, VITE-USDT, and WETH-USDT. About Tether (USDT) Tether (USDT) gives you the joint benefits of open blockchain technology and traditional currency by converting your cash into a stable digital currency equivalent. Stable currency: Tether converts cash into digital currency, to anchor or tether the value to the price of national currenci
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4 days
CV Market Watch™: Weekly Trading Overview (10-17 August)
Bitcoin defended the $6,000 level after interventions from the Tether treasury, and spiked above $6,500 for a short spell.
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4 days
Huobi Launches Partner Exchanges in Russia, Philippines, Taiwan, Indonesia, Canada
Chinese exchange Huobi and its partners are launching cryptocurrency exchanges in five regions: the Philippines, Russia, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Canada. Partners “share Huobi’s order integration system, wallet system, asset management and clearing systems.” The exchange in Manila has launched with trading in three markets with over 40 trading pairs. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Five Partners, Five New Exchanges Chinese digital asset and service provider Huobi has announced that it has chosen five partners to
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4 days
Interview: MakerDAO CEO Rune Christensen Talks Stablecoins
I recently spoke with MakerDAO CEO Rune Christensen. MakerDAO is the company behind not one, but two, top 2oo-cryptocurrencies by market cap. One of these is Dai, sitting at #107 with a modest market capitalization of $46 million, and the second is Maker (MKR), which currently sits at #29 with a market capitalization of $272 The post Interview: MakerDAO CEO Rune Christensen Talks Stablecoins appeared first on CCN
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5 days
Did Tether Trigger a Short Squeeze or a Dead Cat Bounce? (Bitcoin Price Analysis)
This time yesterday it appeared that all was lost, as Bitcoin price slipped within $100 of the current 2018 low. Then something unexpected occurred. Perhaps shorts got squeezed out of their loftily precarious positions or was it Tether’s newly minted $130 million USDT that saved the day? Bitcoin Price Market Overview Bitcoin 00 spent the better part of the day fighting off bears and the cryptocurrency managed to post an impressive 10% gain as it briefly crossed above $6,600. Eventually, buyers became exhausted and BTC pulled back to the $6,2
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5 days
Tether’s Controversy Surfaces Again as it Prints 50 Million USDT
One of the most controversial cryptocurrency projects at the moment is Tether. The stable coin project has been at the center of price manipulation allegations over the past few months and that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Tether’s controversy still remains As a stable coin, the value of Tether’s USDT is inherently […]
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5 days
Tether (USDT) Keeps Pumping Liquidity on Bitfinex, Props Up Bitcoin (BTC) Price
The USDT token inflow was followed by a fast market recovery, taking BTC Prices above $6,300.
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6 days
Edge Crypto Enables Litecoin (LTC) Purchase with Credit, Debit Cards
The wallet also added four new coins: Bitcoin Gold (BTG), Tether (USDT), Digibyte (DGB), and Vertcoin (VTC).
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6 days
Tether (USDT) Market Release Sends Bitcoin (BTC) Back Above $6,300
The Tether treasury released two tranches yesterday, injecting 90 million USDT to Bittrex.
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1 week
Tether(USDT) Continues to Stir Controversy with Newest Issuing
Tether, one of the most controversial USD-backed coins has issued another batch of USDT tokens worth $50 billion, according to data from OmniExplorer. Tether, a stable coin pegged to the US dollar, created another 50 million new tokens on August 11, according to a report made by OmniExplorer, the official record of Tether transactions. This new release was made amid a period of cryptocurrency market stabilization, after a long series of drops and sharp price declines. It was revealed that the coins were transferred into the wallet address own
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1 week
Tether (USDT) Sends New 50 Million Tokens Daily Tranche from Treasury to Back Price
As altcoins crash, and Bitcoin (BTC) tries to defend the $6,000 level, two relatively small daily tranches were minted to support prices.
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1 week
Is Tether Manipulating Bitcoin Again? A Week in the Markets 14.08.18
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1 week
Ethereum Price Falls Below $300 as Cryptocurrency Market Tumbles
The price of Ethereum has fallen below $300 as the cryptocurrency market enters a more intense bearish pullback. Except for Tether, all other top ten coins have experienced significant negative price movements within the last 24-hour trading period. Ethereum Tumbles 17 Percent Ethereum, the second-ranked cryptocurrency according to market capitalization sunk to its lowest 2018 valuation on Monday afternoon UTC. ETH has not traded below $300 since the start of November 2017. At press time, ETH has dipped more than 17 percent to take its 2018
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1 week
Bitcoin Showed a Minor Recovery to $6500 as Tether Pumps $50 Million in Crypto Market
On Tuesday, August 13, Bitcoin climbed over $6500 mark showing up a minor recovery in its price. Considering the extreme volatility over the past few weeks, there can be multiple reasons for the price rise like OTC trades or other things. However, the latest price surge has been in synchrony with the issuance of new Tether (USDT) tokens. The USDT token is a dollar-pegged “stablecoin” that is created by the controversial digital currency startup Tether. On Saturday, August 11, Tether has supposedly issued 50 million USDT tokens which amount to
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1 week
Turkish Bitcoin Volume Soars as Traders Flee the Lira
Trading volume on Turkish cryptocurrency exchanges has soared over the last 24 hours as citizens have sought refuge from the weakened lira. Turkey’s national currency has faced a torrid time on a day when President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the US of trying to “stab it in the back”. Trade volume on domestic exchange Btcturk is up 350% in the last 24 hours, with BTC capturing 38% of the action. Also read: Crypto Cafe and Coworking Space ‘Hash House’ Established in Xi’an, China Turks Seek a Haven from the Crumbling Lira The Turkish lira (TRY
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1 week
Tether Prints 50 Million USDT, The Controversy Continues
Tether is the project that you either love, hate, or know nothing about. For individuals falling into the latter category, here’s a quick overview of this often controversial topic. Tether Remains A Controversy  Tether is a stablecoin that is inherently tied to the value of one U.S. dollar and is reportedly backed by legitimate reserves. Many use USDT as a method to find solace in a bear market, as you can trade your altcoins/Bitcoin into Tether, in an act fittingly named “tethering”, to maintain the dollar value of your holdings.
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1 week
Tether transfers $50 million to Bitfinex – Community screams manipulation
Recently, Tether, one of the top 10 coins, also known as a stable coin in the cryptocurrency space, printed $50 million USDT. According to OmniExplorer, Tether transferred the amount to Bitfinex on 11th August 2018 at 11:03 a.m UTC, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms in the world. Tether transfer $50M USDT to Bitfinex || Source: Omni Explorer This has led to the market claiming that Tether is involved in manipulating the market again. The community has also pointed out that Tether usually prints more currency when the marke
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1 week
Bitcoin Price Creeps Near $6,500 as Tether Issues $50 Million Worth of New Tokens
The bitcoin price saw a slight bump on Monday, rising just under two percent to extend the market’s weekend recovery into the new week. After trading as low as $6,109 on Saturday, bitcoin is now priced at $6,458 on Bitfinex, which translates into a $111 billion market cap. While there are many factors that impact The post Bitcoin Price Creeps Near $6,500 as Tether Issues $50 Million Worth of New Tokens appeared first on CCN
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1 week
Tether (USDT) Issues New Tokens Worth $50 Million
The most popular albeit controversial USD-backed coin has increased its total supply by 50 billion amid stabilising cryptocurrency markets.
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1 week
Three Altcoins Rising While Others Slowly Decline
After another price roller-coaster for the cryptocurrency space, most cryptos are waiting for the next up-spike, but there are at three altcoins rising, in spite of the current bear market. This is rather interesting given the slow year the crypto-space has been experiencing, although that is likely largely due to the increased global legislation and die-down after the major hype in December 2017. So, why are these three altcoins rising while the others are declining? For the most part, it seems speculative: Tether Last week saw the first b
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1 week
Tether Issues Another $50 Million in USDT Tokens
According to block explorer, OmniExplorer, Tether (USDT) issued brand new tokens to a value of $50 million on August 11th. This is the latest release since its $300 million release back in March. Significant Loss Over the Last 30 Days CoinMarketCap notes that Tether has dropped in market capitalization over the past 30 days. The loss is projected to be around $300 million. Tether still occupies second place in terms of trading volumes, with $4.2 billion in trades daily – 28.16% of all crypto trades.
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1 week
Tether, the celebrity of the stablecoin world and one of the most ‘traded’ ‘cryptocurrencies’ in the world. I say this in inverted commas, as it’s status is a little hard to grasp, this aside, Tether has made a name for itself and is now as viable an asset as the US Dollar, and the range of other FIAT currencies that is is tied up too. The Wall Street Journal have recently published a very in depth report into the status of Tether, a report that Cryptoglobe have dissected to explore Tethers role as a ‘central bank’ for cryptocurrency. Continu
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1 week
Tether Releases 50 Million New Tokens, Bitfinex Volumes Down 34 Percent
The injection follows Tether's creation of 300 million USDT at the end of March.
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1 week
Controversial Stablecoin Tether Issues New Batch of USDT Tokens Worth $50 Million
Controversial stablecoin Tether issues another batch of tokens worth $50 million
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1 week
Stablecoins Gaining Popularity in India to Minimize Central Bank’s Impact
A growing number of cryptocurrency exchanges in India are adding stablecoins such as trueusd (TUSD) and tether (USDT) to their platforms. They are part of the solutions exchanges have come up with in order to minimize the impact of the crypto banking ban imposed by the country’s central bank. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Unocoin Adds TUSD Unocoin, one of India’s largest crypto exchanges, announced on Wednesday the addition of TUSD to its crypto-to-crypto platform, Unodax. An ERC-20 token built on the Trustto
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1 week
Bitcoin Price Analysis: Is BTC ‘Tethered’ to USDT?
After dropping within a hair of $6,000, Bitcoin (BTC) price bounced around in a tight $120 range before mysteriously spiking $400 in just 30 minutes. Was this simply a breakout from consolidating prices, or did Tether (USDT) have something to do with it? Bitcoin Price Market Overview Loads of people believe that Bitcoin 00, and other cryptocurrencies are being manipulated by cryptocurrency exchanges, whales, and a particular stablecoin that has been implicated in multiple scandals this year. For this reason, it is interesting to note that to
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1 week
Tether’s Supply Falls $300 Million
Tether’s market cap has fallen during the past three weeks from just above $2.7 billion to around $2.4 billion for only the second time in any noticeable manner. The first... The post Tether’s Supply Falls $300 Million appeared first on Trustnodes.
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1 week
Huge Demand for ‘P2P’ Crypto Trading Seen in India After RBI Ban
Exchange-escrowed trading directly between cryptocurrency buyers and sellers is growing in popularity in India following the crypto banking ban imposed by the country’s central bank. One local exchange, in particular, is seeing “tremendous” response from Indian traders for this service as “tens of thousands of new users have signed up” in a month. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Indians Warming Up to New Solution Since the country’s central bank, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), banned banks from providing fiat
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1 week
OKEx Rolls Out First Two Exchanges under Partnership Program
The new platforms, OK Top and CofeeOKEx, offer crypto-to-crypto trading in pairs with Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Tether (USDT).
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1 week
Stablecoins 101 – The Who, What, Why and How
With the recent news of the IBM-backed cryptocurrency payments company Stronghold, the spotlight is back on stablecoins. These tokens present a variety of valid use cases yet have proven difficult to bring into practice. With the initial creation of Bitcoin, the dream of a decentralized, anonymous, easily transactional and frictionless currency was partially realized. The pronounced snag, one which plagues nearly all cryptocurrencies, is price volatility. Speculation in cryptocurrencies has become quite popular; unfortunately, volatility rend
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1 week
After an optimistic growth that cryptos have been experiencing on several occasions in the last few weeks, a massive drop has hit the crypto market following the Bitcoin ETF delay from the SEC. Bitcoin leads a new value drop A recent price surge that was seen at the end of July has been canceled by Bitcoin’s (BTC) gradual drop over the course of the last few weeks. After another relatively solid growth which led Bitcoin slightly above $7,000 yesterday, the leading crypto dropped significantly over the course of only a few hours. Currently, Bi
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1 week
Four ways to Retain your Investment in the midst of Cryptocurrency Downtrend
There are reports that the present decline in the value of cryptocurrencies might be as a result of the panic that the postponement of the decision that the Security and Exchange Commission ought to make this month about bitcoin futures and ETFs on investors. Many investors are pulling their money out of the system in other to minimize loss, which has made the entire market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies within the market to reduce. However, this four ways could help to minimize loss and bring gain in the midst of high volatility: 1)
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1 week
Juan Garavaglia of Bitprim: How Bitcoin Cash Began and Where It’s Going
Bitprim was one of the first companies to support Bitcoin Cash development and continues to drive its progress. Founder and CEO Juan Garavaglia chatted to Bitsonline at BCH’s first anniversary about why it’s been worthwhile, and where he sees it going from here. Also see: Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Talks Tether Investigation Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for great videos featuring industry insiders & experts Garavaglia ‘Surprised’ at the Variety of New BCH Projects   Garavaglia says he “was surprised too” at the various mo
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1 week
Exchanges Round-Up: Goldman Considers Crypto Custody, SA Exchange Launches USDT
In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency exchanges, it has been reported that Goldman Sachs is considering exploring custody and other services pertaining to cryptocurrencies; a South African exchange has introduced Tether pairings in the hopes of driving down the local premium on crypto prices through offering arbitrage opportunities to foreign traders; and Blockex has announced that Sublime Group has started operating as a market maker on its exchange. Also Read: Philippines Building Crypto Valley of Asia Goldman Sachs Exploring Crypto C
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2 weeks
Leading Global Investment Bank Says Bitcoin ETF Approval Is ‘On the Horizon’
The largest full-service investment bank in Canada with $59.2 billion in assets under management released a comprehensive new quarterly report on cryptocurrency that declares a Bitcoin ETF is coming. According to the new report from Canaccord Genuity, a Bitcoin ETF approval is “on the horizon” and will most likely happen next year. “Even as Gemini hired Nasdaq to conduct market surveillance for bitcoin and ether trading as well as the auction that prices Cboe bitcoin futures earlier this year, the SEC rejected the bitcoin ETF prop
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2 weeks
Indian Exchange Zebpay Enables Trueusd (TUSD) Stablecoin Trading
One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in India, Zebpay, has enabled Trueusd (TUSD) trading, deposits and withdrawals. The dollar-pegged stablecoin is offered as an alternative to fiat trading which is problematic under the Indian central bank’s ban. Also Read: The Daily: New Education Centers, Vietnamese Ask for Fraudster’s Extradition Zebpay Enables Trueusd Mumbai-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has announced the addition of Trueusd (TUSD) trading, deposits and withdrawals going live, starting today, August 6, 2018. Trueus
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2 weeks
Zcoin is listed on Turkey’s leading exchange Sistemkoin
We are happy to announce that Zcoin is listed on Turkey’s leading exchange Sistemkoin with three pairings, TRY (Turkish Lira), BTC and USDT. This is in line with Zcoin’s strategy to seek out regional exchanges with fiat pairings to allow Zcoin to be converted directly into their respective local currencies to support real world adoption. This joins our Thai Baht, Indonesian Rupiah, Indian Rupee, Polish złoty, Great Britain’s pound, Euro and US dollar pairings. Sistemkoin is consistently ranked in the top 50 exchanges in the world and represen
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2 weeks
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh Talks Tether Investigation
Former FBI Director Louis Freeh and his son Justin gave an interview with Yahoo Finance shedding light on their law firm’s recent investigation of Tether. New details were revealed about how the investigation was carried out and the nature of the company’s banking relationships. Also read: Goldman Sachs Pronounces Bitcoin Dead. Time to Buy? Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for great videos featuring industry insiders & experts Tether Looked to Clear Its Name With Report The findings of the work done by Washington, D.C.-based law fi
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2 weeks
At a conference meeting held recently in South Korea, Binance’s CEO answered numerous questions based on the good relationship between the stablecoin, Tether and his firm. One of the questioners, Ran Neu-Ner raised up a very important question, What impact would Tether crash have on Binance? The CEO answered thus: We have seen fiat currencies […]
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2 weeks
Cryptocurrency ranking portal CoinMarketCap shows inflated prices due to data error
On 4th August, CoinMarketCap, the online cryptocurrency portal for cryptocurrency market ranking, charts and other related information, faced a data error that resulted in artificial inflation of many cryptocurrencies on its chart. Following this, the Twitter handle of the website posted a clarification dialogue that read: “We are currently aware of an issue with the data we are pulling in. We are investigating this matter and we will follow up with more information shortly.” In the comments of its tweet, CoinMarketCap was called out and accu
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2 weeks
Making Sense of the Bitcoin Bear
Today is Saturday, the fourth of August, 2018. BTC just plummeted to $7k today, a big disappointment to investors who were hoping to (finally) see a bullish recovery, or at least a major correction. Also read: Bitcoin Traders Nabbed in Clawback Policy As OKEx Whale Proves Too Big to Fail Subscribe to the Bitsonline YouTube channel for great videos featuring industry insiders & experts Bear Mode All Year This is not just volatility du jour, folks. BTC has been in bear mode all year. And it’s especially disturbing when rumors of Starbucks accep
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2 weeks
Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao: With Tether ‘Concern is Always There’
During a recent conference in South Korea, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao responded to questions about the company’s relationship with controversial stablecoin Tether. He acknowledged that “concern is always there,” according to regional reporting. Binance is one of the largest holders of Tether. Also read: Bitcoiners Hope to Have a Friend in Top US Regulator Jay Clayton Binance CEO Voices Concern Over Tether According to Anca Faget of Romania-based Coindoo, the CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, responded to questions about the company’s relationsh
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2 weeks
Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh Opens up about Tether Investigation
The controversial “stablecoin” known as Tether has certainly had an interesting past few months. Company founders say the token is backed by physical USD at a 1-to-1 ratio, which has sparked immense discussion and debate inside of the cryptocurrency community. Some see Tether as a systemic risk to the entire virtual currency world. Others see The post Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh Opens up about Tether Investigation appeared first on CCN
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2 weeks
Tether [USDT] investigation – Updates by former FBI Director Louis Freeh
During an exclusive interview with Yahoo Finance, Dan Roberts [Senior Writer at Yahoo finance ] revealed facts regarding the Tether Bitcoin market manipulation scam investigation conducted by Former FBI Director, Louis Freeh. Tether, a Hong Kong-based company was the main controversy in the month of June in the cryptocurrency world. This was due to allegations made on the company that it was involved in price manipulation which led to the hike of Bitcoin’s price in December 2017. The allegation was made by John M. Griffin and Amin Shams, two
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2 weeks
Tether Bank Accounts have Excess Balance than USDT in Circulation: Freeh Investigation...
Tether (USDT) that 10 largest “coin” according to Market Capitalization, has excess dollars in its bank accounts that the USDT in the circulation as on June 1, 2018, concluding USDT is completely backed. Tether which is considered a stable coin claims that its 1 USDT = 1 USD. The coin has been in controversy as its name surfaced, along with BitFinex, in a report which claimed that the USDT was used to manipulate the Bitcoin prices in December 2017, which lead to the rise in bitcoin hovering over USD 20000. Freeh report of transparency of Teth
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2 weeks
Bittrex USD Trading Open to Retail Investors
Cryptocurrency trading platform Bittrex announced the start of the second phase of USD trading support, making USD trading, deposits, and withdrawals available to customers outside of the US and in selected US states. The launch of fiat trading for international traders and Bittrex customers in California, New York, Montana, and Washington state will allow qualified customers to trade directly in fiat currency without the need for stablecoins such as Tether. USD Trading Available Only To Qualified Customers In order to take advantage of the n
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2 weeks
Binance CEO Voiced Concern Over Tether’s Potential Downfall
Changpeng Zhao, Binance’s CEO, expressed his opinions and concerns for Tether [USDT] at the Korea Blockchain week event. Binance is currently one of the largest holders of Tether. At the inquiry of Ran NeuNer of CryptoTrader, regarding the possible negative impact of Tether’s downfall on Binance, Zhao said that the situation is definitely of concerning and that’s why the exchange started listing other stable coins. “We have seen fiat currencies go down in history a lot. Probably more times than they have been in cryptocurrencies. So yes, the
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2 weeks
Nobel Economist Paul Krugman Outlines His Issues with Cryptocurrency
In a recent New York Times op-ed titled “Transaction Costs and Tethers: Why I’m a Crypto Skeptic” Nobel Prize winning economist Paul Krugman gave another explanation as to why he is a skeptic of the usefulness and future of cryptocurrencies. Paul Krugman has been an Op-Ed columnist for the New York Times who writes the occasional article lambasting cryptocurrencies.  His articles on cryptocurrency frequently reference the Tulip Bulb mania that occurred in the 17th century, and don’t ever efficiently criticize, or even confront, the technology
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2 weeks
Binance CEO Concerned of USDT’s Collateral Damage in Case of Tether’s Downfall
Changpeng Zhao (CZ) from Binance shared his views and concerns regarding Tether [USDT] at the Korea Blockchain week event. The event, through various activities also brought out views of leading names in the business on various subjects. One such interview definitely caught many eyes. Tether holding and its impact on Binance CZ’s cryptocurrency exchange Binance is one of the largest holders of Tether. On being asked by Ran NeuNer of CryptoTrader on his insights on the possible damage that downfall of Tether could cause to Binance, CZ stated
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3 weeks
Binance CEO CZ talks about the concerns tied with Tether [USDT]
In an interview with Ran NeuNer [CryptoTrader] at the Korea Blockchain Week held between 16th July to 20th July, Changpeng Zhao [CZ], the Founder and CEO of Binance, discussed how the 10th largest cryptocurrency by market cap, Tether [USDT] will have an impact on Binance with its performance. CZ’s cryptocurrency exchange Binance is one of the largest holders of Tether. NeuNer asked CZ for his insights on the possible collateral damage that could be faced by Binance in case of Tether’s downfall. To this, the businessman responds by stating tha
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3 weeks
Huobi’s OTC Service to Support INR-Powered Transactions
The world’s third largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour trading volume, Huobi, will soon offer support for Indian rupee INR-based transactions. The Singaporean company, Huobi, will begin to accept INR transactions within its peer-to-peer (P2P) trading platform, according to Crypto News India. The company’s over-the-counter (OTC) service will provide to users zero-commission trading on BTC, ETH, and USDT in pair with rupees. Huobi noted in an email: “We do think it’s time that we provide a solution of buying/selling digital assets with IN
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Tether Markets 400
Market Pair Price Volume 24H Volume (%)
BitForex BTC/USDT $1.00 $3.4B 41.22%
BitForex ETH/USDT $1.01 $939.76M 11.4%
BitForex BCH/USDT $1.01 $783.69M 9.51%
Binance BTC/USDT $1.00 $334.56M 4.06%
OKEx BTC/USDT $1.00 $206.97M 2.51%
FCoin BTC/USDT $1.00 $146.58M 1.78%
Huobi BTC/USDT $1.00 $94.17M 1.14%
OKEx EOS/USDT $1.01 $89.23M 1.08%
ZB.COM DASH/USDT $1.00 $84.32M 1.02%
CoinEx BTC/USDT $1.00 $82.47M 1%
OKEx ETH/USDT $1.01 $76.93M 0.93%
HitBTC BTC/USDT $1.00 $65.11M 0.79%
ooobtc BTC/USDT $1.00 $65.01M 0.79%
Binance EOS/USDT $1.01 $60.47M 0.73%
Binance ETH/USDT $1.01 $60.1M 0.73%
ZB.COM BTC/USDT $1.00 $59.38M 0.72%
Huobi ETH/USDT $1.01 $58.6M 0.71%
CoinEx BCH/USDT $1.01 $55.35M 0.67%
CoinBene BTC/USDT $1.00 $51.37M 0.62%
Binance ONT/USDT $1.01 $51M 0.62%
Bitfinex USDT/USD $1.00 $49.83M 0.6%
Bit-Z BTC/USDT $1.00 $48.96M 0.59%
CoinBene ETH/USDT $1.01 $48.09M 0.58%
OKEx BCH/USDT $1.01 $42.74M 0.52%
Huobi EOS/USDT $1.01 $41.48M 0.5%
OKEx ETC/USDT $0.99 $36.16M 0.44%
DigiFinex BTC/USDT $0.931689 $34.2M 0.41%
BigONE BTC/USDT $1.00 $33.35M 0.4%
Bibox BTC/USDT $1.00 $32.75M 0.4%
Binance ETC/USDT $1.00 $32.73M 0.4%
Binance BCC/USDT $1.01 $31.4M 0.38%
FCoin ETH/USDT $1.01 $30.2M 0.37%
EXX ETC/USDT $1.10 $26.65M 0.32%
OKEx LTC/USDT $1.00 $25.65M 0.31%
Huobi ONT/USDT $1.00 $22.87M 0.28%
HitBTC EOS/USDT $1.01 $22.52M 0.27%
DigiFinex ETH/USDT $0.933630 $22.43M 0.27%
OKEx XRP/USDT $1.01 $18.95M 0.23%
ZB.COM ETH/USDT $1.01 $18.09M 0.22%
CoinBene LTC/USDT $1.00 $17.17M 0.21%
Binance XRP/USDT $1.01 $16.89M 0.2%
Binance VET/USDT $1.00 $16.56M 0.2%
Huobi BCH/USDT $1.01 $16.27M 0.2%
Huobi HT/USDT $1.00 $16.16M 0.2%
IDCM BTC/USDT $1.00 $16.07M 0.2%
HitBTC ETH/USDT $1.01 $15.97M 0.19%
UEX BTC/USDT $1.01 $15.91M 0.19%
Binance TRX/USDT $1.01 $15.42M 0.19%
Bit-Z ETH/USDT $1.00 $15.33M 0.19%
Lbank BTC/USDT $1.00 $14.27M 0.17%
OKEx ONT/USDT $1.00 $14M 0.17%
Binance ADA/USDT $1.01 $13.96M 0.17%
EXX QTUM/USDT $0.844954 $13.3M 0.16%
Binance NEO/USDT $1.01 $12.6M 0.15%
Huobi XRP/USDT $1.01 $12.48M 0.15%
C2CX BTC/USDT $1.00 $12.47M 0.15%
Bibox ETH/USDT $1.01 $11.94M 0.14%
Binance LTC/USDT $1.01 $11.45M 0.14%
Huobi TRX/USDT $1.01 $11.34M 0.14%
Kryptono BTC/USDT $1.00 $11.15M 0.14%
EXX XUC/USDT $1.04 $11.05M 0.13%
CoinBene EOS/USDT $1.01 $10.84M 0.13%
Trade By Trade BTC/USDT $0.929425 $10.3M 0.13%
EXX XWC/USDT $1.03 $9.65M 0.12%
ZB.COM EOS/USDT $1.01 $9.22M 0.11%
Bibox BIX/USDT $1.00 $9.13M 0.11%
Binance IOTA/USDT $1.00 $8.88M 0.11%
HitBTC BCH/USDT $1.00 $8.68M 0.11%
Iquant BTC/USDT $1.02 $8.26M 0.1%
DragonEX BTC/USDT $1.00 $8.24M 0.1%
Huobi ETC/USDT $1.00 $8.08M 0.1%
OKEx MITH/USDT $1.00 $8.04M 0.1%
OKEx TRUE/USDT $1.03 $7.91M 0.1%
EXX UBTC/USDT $1.42 $7.9M 0.1%
Huobi PAI/USDT $1.00 $7.86M 0.1%
BigONE EOS/USDT $1.01 $7.59M 0.09%
Binance XLM/USDT $1.04 $7.13M 0.09%
EXX HSR/USDT $0.969247 $7.01M 0.09%
Poloniex BTC/USDT $1.00 $6.95M 0.08%
B2BX BTC/USDT $1.01 $6.88M 0.08%
HitBTC XRP/USDT $1.01 $6.75M 0.08%
Lbank ETH/USDT $1.00 $6.42M 0.08%
OKEx TRX/USDT $1.00 $6.34M 0.08%
CoinEx CET/USDT $1.00 $6.12M 0.07%
Binance ICX/USDT $1.00 $6.11M 0.07%
BigONE ETH/USDT $1.00 $6.01M 0.07%
UEX BCH/USDT $1.01 $6M 0.07%
Kryptono ETH/USDT $1.00 $5.91M 0.07%
HitBTC LTC/USDT $1.00 $5.91M 0.07%
IDCM ETH/USDT $1.01 $5.79M 0.07%
Huobi IOST/USDT $1.00 $5.74M 0.07%
BitForex ETC/USDT $0.99 $5.67M 0.07%
Gate.io ETH/USDT $1.01 $5.63M 0.07%
Binance TUSD/USDT $1.00 $5.48M 0.07%
Bittrex BTC/USDT $1.00 $5.15M 0.06%
Binance BNB/USDT $1.00 $5.1M 0.06%
UEX ETH/USDT $1.01 $4.99M 0.06%
Gate.io ONT/USDT $1.00 $4.96M 0.06%
CoinBene XRP/USDT $1.01 $4.88M 0.06%
Huobi LTC/USDT $1.00 $4.84M 0.06%
CoinEx ETH/USDT $1.01 $4.69M 0.06%
Gate.io EOS/USDT $1.01 $4.67M 0.06%
ChaoEX BTC/USDT $1.00 $4.57M 0.06%
OKEx GTO/USDT $1.00 $4.38M 0.05%
C2CX ETH/USDT $1.00 $4.3M 0.05%
OKEx IOTA/USDT $1.00 $4.16M 0.05%
OKEx QTUM/USDT $1.00 $4.1M 0.05%
Lbank QTUM/USDT $0.99 $3.91M 0.05%
Huobi OMG/USDT $1.00 $3.88M 0.05%
Bibox HT/USDT $1.00 $3.88M 0.05%
BitForex LTC/USDT $1.00 $3.78M 0.05%
Bit-Z BZ/USDT $1.01 $3.5M 0.04%
MBAex BTC/USDT $1.00 $3.23M 0.04%
Poloniex ETH/USDT $1.00 $3.23M 0.04%
ZB.COM BCC/USDT $1.01 $3.21M 0.04%
ZB.COM ETC/USDT $0.99 $3.2M 0.04%
BitForex NEO/USDT $1.00 $3.08M 0.04%
DragonEX BCH/USDT $1.00 $3.06M 0.04%
BitMart BTC/USDT $1.00 $2.98M 0.04%
OKEx HSR/USDT $1.00 $2.91M 0.04%
HitBTC DASH/USDT $1.00 $2.87M 0.03%
Gate.io BTC/USDT $1.00 $2.84M 0.03%
EXX BTC/USDT $0.988256 $2.62M 0.03%
OKEx NEO/USDT $1.00 $2.54M 0.03%
FCoin BCH/USDT $1.01 $2.49M 0.03%
HitBTC XMR/USDT $1.00 $2.37M 0.03%
BitForex ELY/USDT $0.938338 $2.36M 0.03%
Huobi ADA/USDT $1.01 $2.32M 0.03%
BitMart ETH/USDT $1.00 $2.3M 0.03%
BitForex PPT/USDT $1.26 $2.29M 0%
FCoin FT/USDT $1.00 $2.28M 0.03%
HitBTC ZEC/USDT $1.02 $2.23M 0.03%
DragonEX ETH/USDT $1.01 $2.22M 0.03%
Huobi NAS/USDT $1.01 $2.16M 0.03%
MBAex XRP/USDT $1.00 $2.03M 0.02%
Poloniex XRP/USDT $1.01 $2.01M 0.02%
C2CX BCH/USDT $1.00 $2.01M 0.02%
B2BX ETH/USDT $1.01 $1.96M 0.02%
ZB.COM XRP/USDT $1.00 $1.89M 0.02%
OKEx DASH/USDT $1.00 $1.89M 0.02%
Huobi SOC/USDT $1.02 $1.86M 0.02%
Lbank DAX/USDT $0.877197 $1.79M 0.02%
DigiFinex DFT/USDT $0.99 $1.71M 0.02%
OKEx PPT/USDT $1.01 $1.7M 0.02%
HitBTC ETC/USDT $0.99 $1.69M 0.02%
CoinTiger BTC/USDT $1.01 $1.67M 0.02%
IDCM EOS/USDT $1.01 $1.67M 0.02%
Huobi QTUM/USDT $1.00 $1.62M 0.02%
DragonEX EOS/USDT $1.01 $1.6M 0.02%
OKEx CAN/USDT $1.00 $1.56M 0.02%
CoinTiger ETH/USDT $1.01 $1.55M 0.02%
BitForex ABYSS/USDT $1.04 $1.54M 0.02%
HitBTC NEO/USDT $1.00 $1.54M 0.02%
OKEx PRA/USDT $0.986265 $1.53M 0.02%
BitForex CTXC/USDT $0.980413 $1.53M 0.02%
B2BX LTC/USDT $1.01 $1.48M 0.02%
OKEx ZRX/USDT $1.00 $1.48M 0.02%
B2BX BCH/USDT $1.00 $1.48M 0.02%
MBAex ETH/USDT $0.988015 $1.46M 0.02%
Huobi ZEC/USDT $1.02 $1.45M 0.02%
FCoin LTC/USDT $1.01 $1.43M 0.02%
Kucoin BTC/USDT $1.00 $1.42M 0.02%
ZB.COM LTC/USDT $1.00 $1.42M 0.02%
TOPBTC ETH/USDT $1.01 $1.41M 0.02%
BitForex MITH/USDT $1.04 $1.39M 0.02%
Bittrex ETH/USDT $1.01 $1.37M 0.02%
Huobi ZIL/USDT $1.04 $1.35M 0.02%
Binance QTUM/USDT $1.00 $1.34M 0.02%
Kryptono GTO/USDT $1.01 $1.34M 0.02%
IDCM BCH/USDT $1.01 $1.33M 0.02%
Lbank NEO/USDT $1.00 $1.3M 0.02%
OKEx PST/USDT $0.946776 $1.27M 0.02%
Huobi BTM/USDT $0.985255 $1.24M 0.02%
ZB.COM HSR/USDT $1.02 $1.18M 0.01%
Huobi DASH/USDT $1.00 $1.17M 0.01%
Gate.io GTC/USDT $0.986443 $1.17M 0.01%
BitForex QTUM/USDT $1.00 $1.17M 0.01%
OKEx IOST/USDT $1.00 $1.16M 0.01%
TOPBTC BTC/USDT $1.01 $1.12M 0.01%
Gate.io AE/USDT $1.00 $1.1M 0.01%
ZB.COM ADA/USDT $1.01 $1.1M 0.01%
Gate.io XTZ/USDT $1.01 $1.09M 0.01%
Cobinhood BTC/USDT $1.00 $1.08M 0.01%
Huobi ELF/USDT $1.01 $1.07M 0.01%
EXX QBT/USDT $1.08 $1.06M 0.01%
ZB.COM BTS/USDT $0.99 $1.03M 0.01%
DragonEX INB/USDT $0.99 $1.03M 0.01%
Sistemkoin USDT/TRY $0.99 $1M 0.01%
BitForex AION/USDT $0.99 $989,820 0.01%
OKEx GTC/USDT $0.969455 $983,084 0%
BitForex TRX/USDT $1.01 $958,284 0.01%
HitBTC TRX/USDT $1.01 $957,158 0.01%
OKEx PAY/USDT $1.01 $953,427 0.01%
Huobi ELA/USDT $1.02 $951,926 0.01%
OKEx KCASH/USDT $1.00 $950,826 0.01%
Huobi NEO/USDT $1.00 $948,701 0.01%
Huobi VET/USDT $1.04 $917,154 0.01%
Bit-Z QTUM/USDT $1.01 $916,307 0.01%
Kucoin ETH/USDT $1.01 $914,143 0.01%
CoinTiger ETC/USDT $0.99 $898,742 0.01%
OKEx XLM/USDT $1.04 $895,250 0.01%
DragonEX LTC/USDT $1.01 $891,294 0.01%
C2CX EOS/USDT $1.00 $886,194 0.01%
BitForex LYM/USDT $1.21 $870,965 0%
OKEx NAS/USDT $0.99 $868,081 0.01%
C2CX ETC/USDT $0.99 $867,988 0.01%
OKEx ACT/USDT $1.00 $852,542 0.01%
Trade By Trade DASH/USDT $1.07 $848,830 0.01%
Trade By Trade BCH/USDT $1.03 $846,312 0.01%
Trade By Trade LTC/USDT $1.09 $845,572 0.01%
Huobi CTXC/USDT $1.00 $842,758 0.01%
ZB.COM QTUM/USDT $1.00 $830,955 0.01%
BitForex GOT/USDT $0.963079 $830,015 0.01%
OKEx KNC/USDT $1.06 $818,011 0.01%
Lbank BNB/USDT $1.00 $817,903 0.01%
OKEx BTM/USDT $0.99 $815,387 0.01%
Poloniex BCH/USDT $1.00 $809,297 0.01%
FCoin ETC/USDT $1.00 $803,662 0.01%
BitForex CMCT/USDT $1.05 $797,827 0.01%
OKEx ELF/USDT $1.02 $792,423 0.01%
OKEx DPY/USDT $0.99 $782,722 0.01%
B2BX DASH/USDT $1.00 $767,397 0.01%
FCoin XRP/USDT $1.01 $764,013 0.01%
BitForex DATA/USDT $0.983500 $763,262 0.01%
CoinTiger LTC/USDT $1.01 $740,755 0.01%
Lbank ZEC/USDT $1.02 $730,494 0.01%
OKEx GAS/USDT $1.00 $728,726 0.01%
Poloniex STR/USDT $1.03 $710,889 0.01%
CoinEx LTC/USDT $1.00 $706,216 0.01%
OKEx MCO/USDT $1.01 $696,208 0.01%
Binance NULS/USDT $0.99 $691,573 0.01%
IDCM LTC/USDT $1.00 $671,975 0.01%
HitBTC XTZ/USDT $0.948983 $661,631 0.01%
Liqui ETH/USDT $1.00 $641,218 0.01%
DragonEX QTUM/USDT $0.981287 $637,123 0.01%
BitForex SAN/USDT $1.25 $625,407 0%
BitForex HYDRO/USDT $1.01 $616,710 0.01%
BitForex MET/USDT $0.951515 $613,351 0.01%
Gate.io BTM/USDT $0.988250 $608,555 0.01%
BitForex BNT/USDT $1.10 $604,174 0%
Gate.io GSE/USDT $1.00 $602,195 0.01%
C2CX XRP/USDT $1.01 $589,364 0.01%
DragonEX ADA/USDT $0.987895 $586,651 0.01%
Gate.io LYM/USDT $1.00 $580,947 0.01%
Kraken USDT/USD $1.00 $567,554 0.01%
HitBTC DOGE/USDT $1.01 $564,057 0.01%
OKEx SOC/USDT $1.00 $562,070 0.01%
DragonEX AE/USDT $1.00 $556,508 0.01%
HitBTC SMART/USDT $1.00 $554,819 0.01%
Gate.io NAS/USDT $0.99 $551,902 0.01%
Bittrex ADA/USDT $1.00 $549,870 0.01%
BitForex RMESH/USDT $1.34 $548,723 0.01%
OKEx CVC/USDT $1.00 $541,624 0.01%
Huobi RUFF/USDT $1.00 $539,923 0.01%
Huobi DTA/USDT $0.99 $534,073 0.01%
Cobinhood ETH/USDT $1.00 $530,413 0.01%
OKEx BTG/USDT $1.01 $523,743 0.01%
ooobtc ETH/USDT $1.01 $513,161 0.01%
HitBTC EMC/USDT $1.00 $505,397 0.01%
OKEx LRC/USDT $1.00 $501,920 0.01%
HitBTC BTG/USDT $1.01 $500,779 0.01%
Poloniex ETC/USDT $0.99 $499,194 0.01%
B2BX XRP/USDT $1.01 $497,727 0.01%
B2BX XMR/USDT $1.00 $497,224 0.01%
Huobi THETA/USDT $1.00 $476,994 0.01%
HitBTC ZRX/USDT $1.00 $474,141 0.01%
Huobi GNT/USDT $1.01 $472,865 0.01%
Liqui BTC/USDT $1.00 $465,270 0.01%
Huobi ACT/USDT $0.99 $464,632 0.01%
ChaoEX ETH/USDT $1.00 $462,613 0.01%
C2CX LTC/USDT $1.00 $457,839 0.01%
BitForex OMG/USDT $1.03 $456,695 0.01%
OKEx MANA/USDT $1.00 $447,720 0.01%
Bittrex XRP/USDT $1.00 $447,315 0.01%
BitForex ODE/USDT $1.00 $444,051 0.01%
HitBTC XEM/USDT $1.01 $442,000 0.01%
BitForex UBEX/USDT $0.943116 $437,847 0.01%
Lbank HT/USDT $0.99 $431,167 0.01%
Poloniex LTC/USDT $1.00 $421,991 0.01%
Huobi HSR/USDT $1.01 $420,096 0.01%
DragonEX MEET/USDT $0.99 $417,288 0.01%
Gate.io VET/USDT $0.989305 $411,272 0%
Bittrex BCH/USDT $1.00 $408,782 0%
BitForex DENT/USDT $1.03 $401,529 0%
Bittrex TRX/USDT $1.01 $399,586 0%
OKEx OMG/USDT $1.00 $396,676 0%
Huobi WICC/USDT $0.988657 $393,563 0%
Gate.io BCH/USDT $1.01 $392,977 0%
HitBTC XDN/USDT $0.971136 $390,072 0%
OKEx ZIP/USDT $1.00 $388,617 0%
BitForex ZIL/USDT $1.06 $385,461 0%
MBAex LTC/USDT $1.00 $384,318 0%
Gate.io ZIL/USDT $1.04 $383,261 0%
OKEx AAC/USDT $1.02 $378,750 0%
Bittrex LTC/USDT $1.00 $370,901 0%
OKEx WTC/USDT $1.00 $369,224 0%
Bittrex NEO/USDT $1.00 $363,234 0%
BTCTurk USDT/TRY $1.01 $363,165 0%
DragonEX NEO/USDT $1.04 $352,419 0%
MBAex BCH/USDT $1.00 $352,234 0%
OKEx GNT/USDT $1.01 $347,656 0%
HitBTC NXT/USDT $0.987880 $339,068 0%
Gate.io HIT/USDT $1.01 $338,174 0%
HitBTC STX/USDT $1.00 $335,569 0%
OKEx SNT/USDT $1.00 $334,939 0%
Huobi BTS/USDT $1.00 $324,256 0%
ChaoEX BCH/USDT $1.01 $321,644 0%
OKEx HYC/USDT $1.00 $318,679 0%
HitBTC BCN/USDT $1.00 $310,129 0%
HitBTC BNT/USDT $1.01 $300,600 0%
OKEx CTXC/USDT $0.99 $296,127 0%
OKEx 1ST/USDT $1.00 $294,288 0%
BitForex PST/USDT $1.03 $293,113 0%
BitForex AIDOC/USDT $0.932625 $292,528 0%
Huobi ITC/USDT $1.00 $290,655 0%
Gate.io XRP/USDT $1.00 $286,049 0%
Gate.io ADA/USDT $1.00 $280,710 0%
OKEx ICX/USDT $1.00 $280,420 0%
HBUS BTC/USDT $1.00 $275,764 0%
HitBTC MAID/USDT $1.00 $271,924 0%
DragonEX CMT/USDT $0.983541 $269,122 0%
Gate.io NKN/USDT $0.984136 $265,865 0%
Gate.io ETC/USDT $1.00 $262,085 0%
OKEx UGC/USDT $0.99 $261,213 0%
Huobi IOTA/USDT $1.00 $260,944 0%
OKEx ZIL/USDT $1.04 $259,886 0%
Exmo BTC/USDT $1.01 $258,801 0%
Bittrex ETC/USDT $0.99 $254,165 0%
ZB.COM AE/USDT $1.02 $251,543 0%
DragonEX ABT/USDT $0.985861 $251,493 0%
Bibox HPB/USDT $1.01 $250,562 0%
OKEx ADA/USDT $1.01 $248,318 0%
CoinBene CS/USDT $0.968831 $241,503 0%
OKEx XAS/USDT $1.04 $232,219 0%
OKEx INT/USDT $1.01 $229,321 0%
OKEx XUC/USDT $0.99 $227,118 0%
OKEx ZEC/USDT $1.02 $223,303 0%
BitForex GTC/USDT $0.982544 $216,224 0%
Liqui TRX/USDT $1.01 $212,460 0%
Gate.io SKM/USDT $0.960829 $211,967 0%
HitBTC TKA/USDT $0.99 $211,833 0%
IDAX KRM/USDT $0.969985 $208,262 0%
QBTC SC/USDT $1.01 $206,789 0%
QBTC BTC/USDT $1.01 $201,507 0%
OKEx KAN/USDT $1.01 $199,814 0%
EXX ETH/USDT $1.01 $196,621 0%
QBTC ETH/USDT $1.00 $195,038 0%
QBTC GXS/USDT $0.986232 $194,402 0%
BitForex TERN/USDT $1.06 $190,942 0%
OKEx HPB/USDT $0.99 $189,297 0%
OKEx ENJ/USDT $1.01 $187,836 0%
Gate.io TRX/USDT $1.01 $187,224 0%
Gate.io DDD/USDT $1.02 $185,932 0%
Huobi XEM/USDT $1.01 $184,549 0%
OKEx DENT/USDT $1.03 $183,693 0%
Poloniex XMR/USDT $1.00 $182,279 0%
Huobi CVC/USDT $0.99 $181,525 0%
Poloniex EOS/USDT $1.00 $180,154 0%
Huobi LET/USDT $1.00 $178,833 0%
BitForex AGI/USDT $1.13 $173,570 0%
OKEx SSC/USDT $1.02 $172,010 0%
HitBTC PPC/USDT $0.986956 $168,186 0%
BitForex DXT/USDT $0.978126 $164,339 0%
OKEx LBA/USDT $1.01 $161,613 0%
OKEx BKX/USDT $0.99 $158,055 0%
BitForex BFT/USDT $0.796021 $156,872 0%
BitForex ZXC/USDT $1.05 $155,579 0%
Cryptopia BTC/USDT $1.00 $152,354 0%
Gate.io QTUM/USDT $1.01 $150,981 0%
Cryptopia ORME/USDT $0.985222 $150,866 0%
BitForex ACDC/USDT $1.11 $150,031 0%
OKEx CMT/USDT $1.00 $148,994 0%
FCoin IOTA/USDT $1.01 $147,085 0%
OKEx CVT/USDT $1.01 $144,380 0%
Huobi SNT/USDT $1.00 $143,937 0%
Gate.io LTC/USDT $1.00 $143,440 0%
Gate.io RATING/USDT $0.99 $140,826 0%
OKEx XMR/USDT $1.01 $140,611 0%
BitForex ZPR/USDT $1.00 $139,388 0%
Bittrex OMG/USDT $0.99 $137,492 0%
CoinBene MOAC/USDT $0.99 $137,307 0%
Coinut LTC/USDT $1.00 $135,866 0%
HitBTC WIKI/USDT $0.99 $135,581 0%
Kucoin NEO/USDT $1.00 $133,436 0%
OKEx XEM/USDT $1.01 $129,804 0%
BitForex ESS/USDT $0.955034 $127,799 0%
Huobi OCN/USDT $1.00 $126,368 0%
OKEx ABT/USDT $1.02 $126,239 0%
QBTC ETC/USDT $0.984764 $126,056 0%
BitForex CARD/USDT $1.02 $125,082 0%
Upbit BTC/USDT $1.01 $122,488 0%
Bittrex USDT/USD $1.01 $121,067 0%
OKEx AE/USDT $0.982174 $120,482 0%
BitForex DPY/USDT $1.28 $119,522 0%
BitForex AID/USDT $1.16 $117,325 0%
Gate.io ELF/USDT $1.02 $116,644 0%
OKEx INSUR/USDT $1.00 $115,605 0%
HitBTC TNT/USDT $1.00 $114,163 0%
OKEx TCT/USDT $1.00 $113,792 0%
HitBTC B2X/USDT $0.015987 $192,208 0%