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3 months
Wagerr has launched a new blockchain-based sports betting platform. The platform’s mainnet was released on September 15th, and users can now place bets and take advantage of the platform’s smart contracts and escrow services. The platform is fully decentralized: Wagerr is “free of all regulatory bodies” and is anonymous. Registration requires only an email address. Transparency is provided thanks to a blockchain explorer, which allows users to be sure that everything is being done fairly.
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3 months
  September 21, 2018 – Belize City, Belize The world’s first global, unrestricted and provably fair betting market launched on Sept. 15. On Sept. 15, 2018, Wagerr launched the world’s first “Direct-Chain” betting protocol, creating an unrestricted, decentralized and globally accessible betting application, available on both Android and PC. With a “Direct-Chain” betting fee of just six percent on winnings, Wagerr users worldwide can securely place bets against the blockchain and get paid without a centralized authority. This low fee means tha
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4 months
Wagerr set to launch mainnet with betting functionality
Wagerr, a provider of blockchain technology to execute betting contracts announced today it will now release its mainnet with betting functionality. Following successful public and private testing sessions, and the integration of zWGR 2.0... Wagerr set to launch mainnet with betting functionality
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10 months
Revamping the online gambling industry as a whole will prove to be a major challenge. Wagerr thinks it can do exactly that, by bypassing the need for regulatory bodies and introducing direct user-to-user betting. The Wagerr Coin is also of great interest in this regard, as it will be the main currency for this decentralized ecosystem. What is Wagerr Exactly? Wagerr positions itself as a decentralized sportsbook which lets people bet on sports in a completely different way.
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Crex24 WGR/BTC $0.060970 $3,665 44.08%
Coinsuper WGR/BTC $0.059936 $2,972 35.75%
Waves Decentralized Exchange WGR/BTC $0.057975 $1,668 20.06%
YoBit WGR/BTC $0.062040 $9 0.11%
Waves Decentralized Exchange WGR/WAVES $0.062591 $0 0%