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6 months
WhiteCoin Range Trading
Recently WhiteCoin has found the bottom at $0.075, where it has rejected 161.8% Fibonacci retracement applied to the corrective wave up after the $0.1 support breakout. Since then price went up and formed the resistance at $0.091, that is 38.2% Fibonacci retracement level. Overall, XWC/USD stuck between the support and resistance, which mean that range trading is in progress. The consolidation is likely to continue and only break and close above the $0.1 resistance or below the $0.075 support could establish further direction. Break below the
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7 months
WhiteCoin VS Bitcoin Approaching Key Resistance
In the beginning of May, WhiteCoin has found the support at 88.6% Fibonacci retracement level, that is 635 satoshis. Since then XWC/BTC has been going up exponentially and has already reached 2180 satoshis, providing a strong 250% gain over Bitcoin. But how far can it go, and will it stop growing any time soon? Well, today WhiteCoin has broke above the 61.8% Fibs, that is 1980 satoshis and the nearest strong resistance is at 76.4% Fibs – 2370 satoshis. This level could be the key resistance of the XWC, which should potentially provide more in
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10 months
As the global blockchain ecosystem continues to foster digital innovation at an unprecedented rate, many market experts have raised valid concerns pertaining to the maintenance of new alt-currencies as well as their overall accountability. WhiteCoin is a cryptocurrency designed to help bridge the gap between anonymity and persistent identity that currently exists within e-commerce. This currency makes use of a trustless exchange model that allows network participants to seamlessly exchange goods or services without having to digitally identif
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WhiteCoin Markets 12
Market Pair Price Volume 24H Volume (%)
Lbank XWC/BTC $0.034234 $136,605 92.34%
Lbank XWC/ETH $0.031923 $10,421 7.04%
ZB.COM XWC/BTC $0.041934 $474 0.32%
Bittrex XWC/BTC $0.033427 $247 0.17%
ZB.COM XWC/USDT $0.031547 $152 0.1%
FreiExchange XWC/BTC $0.047465 $30 0.02%
EXX XWC/USDT $0.050882 $1 0%
EXX XWC/ETH $0.025758 $0 0%
Cryptopia XWC/BTC $0.036217 $0 0%
Cryptopia XWC/DOGE $0.039307 $0 0%
Cryptopia XWC/LTC $0.041534 $0 0%
EXX XWC/BTC $0.046879 $0 0%