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XTRABYTES Hire Former HP Top Shots to its Blockchain Project
In a bid to become a top player in the distributed ledger technology industry, XTRABYTES blockchain platform has added the former account manager at Hewlett Packard, Allen Rothwell as its new CEO. Rothwell’s years of experience in the tech sector will help push the startup to the next level in the nascent DLT space. “This technology will change how people view the blockchain industry, setting the company apart from anything we’ve seen to date,” said Rothwell, adding “We are starting on the ground floor and building a potent product, one that
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5 months
Former HP Inc Executives to Lead Blockchain Company XTRABYTES in Transition to Global...
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10 months
There can never be enough competition in the world of blockchain service providers. Xtrabytes hopes to make a positive impact on this industry in the months and years to come. They focus on providing a modular blockchain platform offering better security, scalability, and decentralization opportunities. It has its own algorithm and consensus method, as well as a native token to be used throughout the ecosystem. What is the Xtrabytes Modular Blockchain?
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