Tax Collector in Florida Becomes First Governmental Agency to Accept Bitcoin

More governments and agencies are starting to accept bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. This time, a tax collector from Florida announced that its office will start accepting Bitcoin (BTC), and Bitcoin Cash (BCH), using BitPay. The agency will begin working with these currencies during this summer.

Some governmental agencies are starting to accept virtual currencies. Paying taxes with debit or credit cards is related with higher fees and is not efficient. According to Joel Greenberg, Seminole County Tax Collector, will start using blockchain technology so as to reduce costs and improve its efficiency.

Mr. Greenberg, explained:

“We live in a world where technology has made access to services on demand, with same-day delivery and expectation of highly efficient customer service and we should expect the same from our government. The aim of my tenure in office is to make our customer experience faster, smarter, and more efficient, and to bring government services from the 18th century into the 21st century and one way is the addition of cryptocurrency to our payment options.”

The payment processor that they will be using is BitPay, one of the most important crypto platforms and the largest global blockchain payments provider. At the moment, BitPay serves customers from all over the world in order to accept crypto payments at any moment.

Citizens will be able to pay for services including driver licences, property tax, birth certificates, concealed weapon, tag renewals, and more.

The agency will be receiving the exact amount of cryptocurrency required for the bills, and it will be processed via BitPay. The office will be receiving the funds the following business day directly into the bank account in US dollars. That means that volatility risks are totally avoided and users are now able to pay in their favourite virtual currency.

Moreover, users will have improved security due to the fact that they will not have to provide their identity by using credit cards to pay for the taxes. With BitPay the process is simple, fast and could be used as an example for other counties in the country.

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